Facility Access

User Registration

New users are required to fill in an account creation request form. The details required include information about the user's project, the contact details of the user and their supervisor and account codes.

Once the account request has been approved it will be forwarded to the nominated supervisor to ensure that they are aware that the user has requested use of the equipment within the Vibrational Spectroscopy Core Facility.

Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility Brochure

User Meetings and Training

All users must first be trained on the instruments and accessories that are deemed suitable for their project. Once you have created a PPMS account, please fill out a User confirmation form. This form outlines the conditions of using the facility and is kept for our records. Once this is done please fill in a User meeting form and also book a user meeting session. At the moment, user meeting sessions are only available from 9:00 to 10:00 Monday - Friday, however, if you require a meeting outside of this time please email to arrange a time. User meetings are not charged.

Training sessions must be booked in conjunction with the instrument and accessory. Booking either Dr Elizabeth Carter or Dr Joon Lee for assistance will incur an additional cost of $100 an hour on top of the user pay rate which can be found on the Facility Charges page. Training is included in the annual subscription rate for those Account Holders (i.e. Users Supervisors) who hold a subscription.

Users should bring any relevant paperwork, literature and memory stick to download their collected data for future data analysis.

Online Booking

The new PPMS booking software has been operating since May 2014. Users must have an account to access the system and to book instruments. Users will be given autonomous access rights to an instrument or accessory once they have been trained. Autonomous users are then free to book and use the instruments as they need.

Instrument Usage

We no longer require you to fill in an instrument usage log, as the PPMS booking software will track your usage via the computer login screen. Only users with an approved account will be able to log-in to unlock an instrument computer. This will automatically alert the tracking module to start recording the number of minutes that you use the instrument. You will only be charged for the amount of minutes that you use the system.

Two features of the old instrument usage log were the signal intensity and comments sections. Signal intensity records will now be kept by the VSCF staff and issues with instrumentation can be logged in PPMS under the incident and intervention section on your home page. However, you are strongly urged to make a record in your notes of these signal intensity each time you use an instrument so you have an understanding of how well the instrument is functioning.

Instrumentation Updates

The Facility website contains a wealth of information about the available equipment, a webpage with updated information about instrument status. You are encouraged to check the Instrument Status page on a weekly basis to obtain up-to-date information about the Facility.