Facility Access

Requesting Access

We have a standardised 4-stage process that ensure new users get the most out of the facility, equipment, resources and accessories in a safe and productive environment.

STAGE 1: Application for Access

New users can apply for access online. The online account registration will request details about your project.

This form takes less than 5 minutes to complete. You will need to provide information about your project and contact details.

STAGE 2: Approval

Once Facility staff have approved the account request it will be forwarded to the nominated supervisor to obtain their consent to pay for charges incurred by the user for the use of any equipment, training and Facility staff assistance.

Facility staff will endeavour to respond to all applicants within 24 hours.

STAGE 3: Consultation and Training

Once your account has been approved you will be able to access the system. Before you can book an instrument, you must:

  • Complete a user meeting form and attend a user meeting. User meetings are only available from 9:00 to 10:00 Monday - Friday, however, if you require a meeting outside of this time please email to arrange a time. User meetings are not charged.
  • Read the VSCF Handbook of WHS Regulations and complete a laboratory induction.
  • Complete a User Compliance Form - this form outlines the conditions of using the Facility and is kept for Facility records.
  • Complete a Project Risk Assessment Form.
  • Attend a training session and demonstrate competence in using the specific piece of equipment and any associated accessories.

Training sessions must be booked in conjunction with the instrument and accessory. Booking Facility staff for training and any assistance will incur a charge of $100 an hour in addition to the PAYG rate, which can be found here. Training is included in the annual subscription rate for those Account Holders (i.e. User's Supervisors) who hold a subscription.

STAGE 4: Booking

Once your account has been approved you will be able to access the system with your unikey and password. Once trained you will be given autonomous access rights to only the equipment on which you have been trained, including any relevant accessory, and you are free to book and use the instruments as needed.

Returning Users

Different levels of access will be granted based on a user's training and frequency of equipment use. If a user does not use a piece of equipment for more than 6 months their access level may drop and they may be required to participate in a retraining session.

Access Levels

Access levels are assigned based on a user's training and frequency of equipment. They provide users with different levels of access to the Facility and equipment.

After Hours Access

For the time being we are only allowing 9-5 access to the Facility. Some experienced users may use certain equipment past 5 pm, but you must first confirm this with us and relevant safety precautions must be followed.