Instrumentation Updates

General Information

The Facility is to only be used by trained and authorised users.

Please direct any enquiries to the Facility Manager, , 9036 5179; Professional Officer, , 9036 5033; Senior Technical Officer, , 86275461; or Technical Officer, , 8627 5574.

The Online Booking System can be accessed from computers on and off campus and will allow the booking instruments across several core facilities.

Instrumentation Status

Updated 16th February, 2018

Instrument Status  Comments
Bruker Tensor FTIR Spectrometer with HTS/XT Operational  
Bruker Tensor FTIR/Hyperion 3000 Spectrometer Operational  
Bruker FTIR Vertex 80v Spectrometer Operational


Bruker MPA Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrometer Operational  
Viavi MicroNIR OnSite Portable Spectrometer Operational  
Renishaw inVia Raman Spectrometer Operational TERS/AFM under commissioning
JY U1000 Raman Spectrometer Not Operational Undergoing laser installation and alignment
Bruker MultiRAM Raman Spectrometer Operational  
Renishaw inVia Dual Raman System Operational  
Bruker LUMOS Portable FTIR Microscope Operational  
Bruker ALPHA Portable FTIR Spectrometer Operational


Enwave Portable Raman Spectrometer Operational  
Bruker BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer Operational  

Laser and Signal Intensity Readings

Instrument Date Signal
Tensor 27 HTS XT 5 April 2017 15400
Tensor 27 Hyperion 16 June 2014 22700
Vertex 80V 5 April 2017 22660


16 May 2017 12820 (Reflectance), 1811 (ATR)

488 nm

- -
514 nm 13 June 2014 3.87 mW
633 nm - -
785 nm 13 June 2014 30.1 mW
830 nm - -