Recent Publications

Book Chapters

  • Carter, E. A., Kelloway, S. J., Kononenko, N., Torrence, R., Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Obsidian. Analytical Archaeometry, Eds. Edwards, H. G. M., Vandenabeele, P., Royal Society of Chemistry, Ch. 11, 2012.
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Refereed Journal Articles

  • Lee, J., Wen, B., Carter, E. A., Combes, V., Grau, G. E. R., Lay P. A., Infrared spectroscopic characterisation of monocytic microvesicles (microparticles) released upon lipopolysaccharide stimulation, The FASEB Journal, 2017, Published Online.
  • Bader, C. A.; Carter, E. A.; Safitri, A.; Simpson, P. V.; Wright, P.; Stagni, S.; Massi, M.; Lay, P. A.; Brooks, D. A.; Plush, S. E., Unprecedented staining of polar lipids by a luminescent rhenium complex revealed by FTIR microspectroscopy in adipocytes, Mol. BioSyst., 2016, 12(7), 2064-2068.
  • Austin, C.; Smith, T. M.; Farahani, R. M. Z.; Hinde, K.; Carter, E. A.; Lee, J.; Lay, P. A.; Kennedy, B. J.; Sarrafpour, B.; Wright, R. J.; Wright, R. O.; Arora, M., Uncovering system-specific stress signatures in primate teeth with multimodal imaging., Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 1-11.
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  • Carter, E. A., Perez, F., Medina Garcia, J. & Edwards, H., Raman spectroscopic analysis of an important Visigothic historiated manuscript, Phil. Trans. R Soc A, 2016, 374(2082), 1-13.
  • Hackett, M. J.; Aitken, J. B.; El-Assaad, F.; McQuillan, J. A.; Carter, E. A.; Ball, H. J.; Tobin, M. J.; Paterson, D.; de Jonge, M. D.; Siegele, R.; Cohen, D. D.; Vogt, S.; Grau, G. E.; Hunt, N. H.; Lay, P. A., Mechanisms of murine cerebral malaria: Multimodal imaging of altered cerebral metabolism and protein oxidation at hemorrhage sites, Sci. Adv., 2015, 6(4), 7-16.
  • He, L.-H., Yin, Z. H., van Vuuren, L. J., Carter, E. A., Liang, X. W., A natural functionally graded biocomposite coating – Human Enamel, Acta Biomater., 2013, 9, 6330.
  • Hackett, M. J., Lee, J., El-Assaad, F., McQuillan, J. A., Carter, E. A., Grau, G. E., Hunt, N. H., Lay, P. A. FTIR imaging of brain tissue reveals crystalline creatine deposits are an ex vivo marker of localized ischemia during murine cerebral malaria: General implications for disease neurochemistry, ACS Chemical Neuroscience, (2012), 3(12), 1017-1024.
  • Zhang, J. Z., Bryce, N. S., Siegele, R., Carter, E. A., Paterson, D., de Jonge, M. D., Howard, D. L., Hambley, T. W., The use of spectroscopic imaging and mapping techniques in the characterisation and study of drug response in DLD-1 cell spheroid tumour models, Integr. Biol., (2012), 4 (9), 1072–1080.