postdoctoral funding


Your supervisor will be able to advise you on how to go about applying for postdoctoral positions. However, your chances of obtaining a position will be greatly improved if you come with your own funding. Below are some links to organisations that provide such funding listed by country. As the deadlines for applications are usually quite early, you should research the possibilities well in advance of completing your PhD


The Research Office has the following websites listing sources of Fellowship funding:

  • Details on overseas Fellowships can be found here.

The following are Chemistry-related or non-specified Fellowships.



Eleanor Sophia Wood Travelling Fellowships

Eleanor Sophia Wood, who died in 1962, bequeathed her residuary estate to the University for the promotion and encouragement of education including the establishment of bursaries, scholarships and prizes. In 1987 the Eleanor Sophia Wood Postdoctoral Travelling Fellowship was established.

  1. Each fellowship shall be named an Eleanor Sophia Wood Travelling Fellowship.
  2. The object of the fellowships is to support travel outside Australia for the purpose of advanced study or research.
  3. The fellowships shall be tenable for overseas study only.
  4. The fellowships shall be open to persons who, by the application closing date have:
    4.1 submitted their PhD thesis for examination at The University of Sydney or were awarded their PhD from the University of Sydney less than 5 years ago,
    4.2 been engaged full-time for at least three years in teaching or postgraduate research in the University of Sydney.
  5. Each fellowship may be held for a minimum period of six months and a maximum period of twelve months.
  6. The value of a fellowship shall be $40,000 for the maximum period of twelve months and pro rata for shorter periods.
  7. More than one fellowship may be awarded in any one year provided that the total value of all fellowships shall not exceed an amount per annum as determined by the Finance Committee from time to time.
  8. No one person may hold more than one fellowship.
  9. The fellowships shall be awarded by the Academic Board on the advice of the committee appointed by the Academic Board to consider applications for travelling scholarships.
  10. The committee shall take into account the merit of the applicants and of the proposed projects of advanced study or research.
  11. While the fellowship may be held with other grants, awards or remuneration, the committee may give preference to an applicant who does not have other such forms of financial assistance.

The Heart Foundation Fellowships

The Heart Foundation Fellowships offer funding to support researchers working in the area of cardiovascular disease and related disorders. Details including closing dates for applications can be found by clicking here.


Asia/Pacific region and the Middle East

Endeavour Research Fellowships

Endeavour Research Fellowships provide financial support for postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows from Australia to undertake short-term research (4-6 months), in any field of study, in participating Asia-Pacific countries.  Aimed at building international linkages and networks, these Awards provide opportunities for award holders to further develop their knowledge and skills.



The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD (= Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

DAAD is Germany's largest scholarship-awarding organisation and runs several programs with which academic exchange between Germany and all parts of the world is supported. These programs range from short-term exchanges for research or teaching purposes through to doctoral scholarships lasting several years. The scholarships offered by the DAAD are awarded to younger university graduates from all academic disciplines. Support is also available for young academics and scientists, university teachers and groups completing study visits under the guidance of a university teacher. This support is largely financed from public funds made available by the German Federal Foreign Office. Click on the heading for their Sydney website. Click here for their home site.

Alexander von Humbolt Foundation

The Foundation's research fellowships and research awards allow researchers to come to Germany to work on their own research project together with a host and collaborative partner. A number of Fellowships are available.



The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is Japan's leading funding agency and covers all fields of science. The JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers were established to assist promising and highly qualified young foreign researchers wishing to conduct research in Japan. They are aimed at providing opportunities for such researchers to, under the guidance of their hosts, conduct cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions, thereby permitting them to advance their own research while stimulating Japanese academic circles, particularly young Japanese researchers, through close collaboration in scientific activities. Such collaboration is also intended to advance scientific research in the counterpart countries. (Fellowships are awarded for a period of 12 to 24 months.)


United Kingdom

The Ramsay Memorial Fellowships

Fellowships are awarded to advanced students of chemical research who have shown outstanding merit, to pursue their work in Universities or other places of academic research in the United Kingdom. The award of a Ramsay Fellowship is regarded as one of high international distinction. Among chemists in the British Commonwealth the Ramsay Fellowships have a unique status. Candidates shall preferably, have been born within the Commonwealth and have graduated with distinction in chemistry in a University within the Commonwealth. A Fellowship will normally be tenable for a period of two years, from 1 October in the year of award. Applications should arrive not later than 15 November of the year before the award.

The Australian Bicentennial Scholarships and Fellowships Trust

Each year the Australian Bicentennial Scholarships and Fellowships Trust invites applications from Australian postgraduate students or academic staff members for Australian Bicentennial Scholarships and Fellowships tenable in the United Kingdom. The objects of the scheme are to ‘promote scholarship, intellectual links, and mutual awareness and understanding between the United Kingdom and Australia, in particular: a) to enable United Kingdom graduates to study in approved courses or undertake approved research in Australia; b) to enable Australian graduates to study in approved courses or undertake approved research in the United Kingdom; and c) to make allowance within the Scheme for disadvantaged persons.’

An applicant for a Fellowship should have a good post-graduate degree or equivalent experience, and should be seeking to further his/her education or professional experience but not through taking a further degree.

Candidates may be in any discipline, but they must demonstrate that there are special scholarly or practical advantages to be gained from a period of study in the UK, and that an appropriate host institution is available. Younger scholars are preferred, but while there is no formal age limit a scholar or fellow must be likely to be able to make a formal contribution in his/her field for at least ten years. Each scholarship or fellowship will offer a grant of up to £4,000, and may be used to supplement other awards. Please note that preference is often given to applicants who can demonstrate that a Bicentennial grant will complete a guaranteed funding package for the whole degree or project. A successful applicant must spend at least three months studying in the UK. A detailed report (guidelines below) on the scholarship/fellowship is required within three months of the scholar’s/fellow’s return to Australia.

The British Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarships programme is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the United Kingdom and administered by the British Council. The programme offers outstanding graduates and young professionals the opportunity to study at UK universities.

The awards are made for one year's formal study for a postgraduate qualification or for a shorter period of not less than three months to pursue private study or research at a university or similar institution in the UK.


United States

Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarships

Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarships are available to Australian citizens to engage in 3 - 12 months of postdoctoral research or professional training in the United States. The scholarship is aimed at applicants who have recently completed a PhD. [Note: Your thesis must be lodged prior to submitting your Fulbright application]. Two to three scholarships are offered each year. Click here to visit the Fulbright website or on the heading to visit the University's Research Office website.

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellowships

The American Australian Association awards individual Fellowships for advanced study in the United States of up to US$25,000 each year. The Fellowships build on existing strong social and economic partnerships and foster intellectual exchange between the United States and Australia. Fellowships are named Sir Keith Murdoch Fellows after the Association's principal Founder. Click here for more details.

American Association of University Women International Fellowships

International Postdoctoral Fellowships (US$30,000) for research in the United States are awarded to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Applicants must have earned the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor's degree and show outstanding academic ability. Applications normally close 1 December for support to commence in August of the following academic year.