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Opportunities for PhD students

Some recent publications:


General media

June 2011- ABC Science program Catalyst interviews Chiara Neto on the Superhydrophobic Surfaces and Water Capture Surfaces


Journal Publications (2010-2012)

On Interfacial Slip


1.    “Interfacial flow of simple liquids on polymer brushes: Effect of solvent quality and grafting density” T. Lee, S. C. Hendy, C. Neto;

     Macromolecules 45, 6241–6252 (2012). [Abstract]

2.    “Reconciling Slip Measurements in Symmetric and Asymmetric Systems” L. Zhu, C. Neto, P. Attard;

     Langmuir 28, 7768−7774 (2012). [Abstract]

3.    “Reliable Measurements of Interfacial Slip by Colloid Probe Atomic Force Microscopy. III. Shear-Rate-Dependent Slip” L. Zhu, C. Neto, P. Attard;

    Langmuir 28, 3465-3473 (2012). [Abstract]

4.      “Reliable measurements of interfacial slip by colloid probe atomic force microscopy. I. Mathematical modeling” L. Zhu, P. Attard, C. Neto

    Langmuir, 27, 6701-6711 (2011). [Abstract]

5.      “Reliable measurements of interfacial slip by colloid probe atomic force microscopy. II. Hydrodynamic force measurements”  Zhu, L; Attard, P and Neto, C.

     Langmuir, 27, 6712-6719 (2011). [Abstract]


On micropatterning by dewetting

1.    “Patterned chemisorption of proteins by thin polymer film dewetting” Lim, S. K., Perrier, S. & Neto, C.;

      Soft Matter 9, 2598-2602 (2013). [Abstract]

2.    “Micropatterned Substrates Made by Polymer Bilayer Dewetting and Collagen Nanoscale Assembly Support Endothelial Cell Adhesion”, S. C. Thickett, J. Moses, J. R. Gamble, C. Neto;

      Soft Matter, 8, 9996-10007 (2012). [Abstract]


3.    “Micro-patterning of polymer brushes: grafting from dewetting polymer films for biological applications”, Telford AM, Meagher L, Glattauer V, Gengenbach  TR, Easton CD, & Neto C;

      Biomacromolecules, 13, 2989–2996 (2012) [Abstract]


4.    “Early and Intermediate Stages of Guided Dewetting in Polystyrene Thin Films” M. Ghezzi, S.C. Thickett, C. Neto;

     Langmuir  28, 10147-10151 (2012). [Abstract]

5.      “Competition between Dewetting and Cross-Linking in Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)/Polystyrene Bilayer Films” Telford, A. M., Thickett, S. C., James, M. & Neto, C.

Langmuir 27, 14207-14217 (2011). [Abstract]

6.      “Biomimetic Surface Coatings for Atmospheric Water Capture Prepared by Dewetting of Polymer Films” S.C. Thickett, C. Neto, and A.T. Harris,

Advanced Materials, 23, 3718-3722 (2011)[Abstract]

7.      “Interplay between dewetting and layer inversion in poly(4-vinylpyridine)/polystyrene bilayers” S.C. Thickett, A. Harris, C.  Neto;

Langmuir, 26, 15989-15999 (2010). [Abstract]

8.      “Thermally cross-linked PNVP films as antifouling coatings for biomedical applications” A. M. Telford, M. James, L. Meagher, C. Neto

   ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2, 2399-2408 (2010). [Abstract]



On surface wettability   

1.      “Uptake of water droplets by non-wetting capillaries” G. R. Willmott, C. Neto, S.C. and Hendy;

 Soft Matter, 7 (6), 2165-3024, 2011. [Abstract]

2.      “An experimental study of microfluidic interactions between droplets and a nonwetting capillary” G. R. Willmott, C. Neto and S. C. Hendy

Faraday Discussions, 146, 233-245 (2010). [Abstract]

3.      “On the superhydrophobic properties of crystallised stearic acid” K. R. Joseph, C. Neto;

Austr. J. Chem. 63, 525-528 (2010). [Abstract]



On Self-Assembly

1.      “Self-assembled porphyrin microrods and observation of structure-induced iridescence”C. Martelli, J. Canning, T. Khoury, N. Skivesen, M. Kristensen, G. Huyang, C. Neto, T. J. Sum, M. B. Hovgaard, and M. J. Crossley;

J. Mater. Chem. 20, 2310 - 2316 (2010). [Abstract]


2.      “Ultrafast photochromic nanopatterns from block copolymers” W. Sriprom, C. Neto, S. Perrier;

Soft Matter 6, 909-914 (2010). [Abstract]



Full list of publications

Research projects:

·         Several research projects for Honours and PhD students are available in my group in 2013/2014. Please contact me for additional information.


Current research projects:

·         superhydrophobicity

·         stability and dynamics of thin liquid films

·         competition between dewetting and other thin film processes

·         interfacial slip in simple liquids by colloid probe atomic force microscopy

·         micro-and nano-patterning of proteins and cells

·         functional micro-patterned surfaces for atmospheric water capture

·         atomic force microscopy (AFM, imaging and direct  measurement of forces)


Career in brief:


I am presently Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. In 2003-2006 I worked as a ARC postdoctoral fellow at the Australian National University in the Department of Applied Mathematics. In 2002-2003 I worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Ulm in the Department of Applied Physics, headed by Prof. Stephan Herminghaus and Saarland University, in the group of Prof. Karin Jacobs. I received my Master in Chemistry (1998) and PhD (2001) at the University of Florence, Italy. 



Teaching this year:

  Links require password for access

·         Third year CHEM3116 Membranes, Self-Assembly and Surfaces


o    My Curriculum Vitae

o    My PhD Thesis

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