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Dr Thomas B Faust

Dr Thomas B. Faust

Post-doctoral Fellow



Previous studies

University of Sheffield (MChem, 2008), University of Manchester (PhD, 2012)

Research areas

Advanced properties of MOFs arising from the presence of unpaired electrons from both metals and organic radicals, present both natively and by redox manipulation

Recent Publications


    T. B. Faust, P. M. Usov, D. M. D'Alessandro and C. J. Kepert, Highly unusual interpenetration isomers of electroactive nickel bis(dithiolene) coordination frameworks, Chemical Communications, 2014, DOI: 10.1039/C4CC05438E.

    C. F. Leong, B. Chan, T. B. Faust and D. M. D'Alessandro, Controlling charge separation in a novel donor-acceptor metal-organic framework via redox modulation, Chemical Science, 2014, DOI: 10.1039/C4SC01551G.

    C. Hua, A. Rawal, T. B. Faust, P. D. Southon, R. Babarao, J. M. Hook and D. M. D'Alessandro, Explointing stable redical states for multifunctional properties in triarylamine-based porous organic polymers, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014, 2, 12466.

    T. B. Faust and D. M. D'Alessandro, Radicals in metal-organic frameworks, RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 17498.


    C. F. Leong, B. Chan, T. B. Faust, P. Turner and D. M. D'Alessandro, Electronic, optical, and computational studies of a redox-active napthalenediimide-based coordination polymer, Inorganic Chemistry, 2013, 52, 14246.

    C. F. Leong, T. B. Faust, P. Turner, P. M. Usov, C. J. Kepert, R. Babarao, A. W. Thornton and D. M. D'Alessandro, Enhancing selective CO2 adsorption via chemical reduction of a redox-active metal-organic framework, Dalton Transactions, 2013, 42, 9831.


    T. B. Faust, F. Tuna, G. A. Timco, M. Affronte, V. Bellini, W. Wernsdorfer and R. E. P. Winpenny, Controlling magnetic communication through aromatic bridges by variation in torsion angle, Dalton Transactions, 2012, 41, 13626.


    T. B. Faust, D. R. Allan, V. Bellini, A. Candini, S. Carretta, L. Carthy, D. Collison, R. J. Docherty, J. Kenyon, G. Lorusso, J. Machin, E. J. L. McInnes, C. A. Muryn, H. Nowell, R. G. Pritchard, S. J. Teat, G. A. Timco, F. Tuna, G. F. S. Whitehead, W. Wernsdorfer, M. Affronte and R. E. P. Winpenny, Chemical control of spin propagation between heterometallic rings, Chemistry - a European Journal, 2011, 17, 14020.

    V. Bellini, G Lorusso, A. Candini, W. Wernsdorfer, T. B. Faust, G. A. Timco, R. E. P. Winpenny and M. Affronte, Propagation of spin information at supra-molecular scale through hetero-aromatic linkers, Physical Review Letters, 2011, 106, 227205.

    G. A. Timco, T. B. Faust, F. Tuna and Richard E. P. Winpenny, Linking heterometallic rings for quantum information processing and amusement, Chemical Society Reviews, 2011, 40, 3067.


    B. Ballesteros, T. B. Faust, C.-F. Lee, D. A. Leigh, C. A. Muryn, R. G. Pritchard, D. Schultz, S. J. Teat, G. A. Timco and R. E. P. Winpenny, Synthesis, structure, and dynamic properties of hybrid organic-inorganic rotaxanes, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 15435.

    T. B. Faust, P. G. Heath, C. A. Muryn, G. A. Timco and R. E. P. Winpenny, Caesium ion sequestration by a fluoro-metallocrown [16]-MC-8, Chemical Communications, 2010, 46, 6258.


    E. C. Sañudo, T. B. Faust, C. A. Muryn, R. G. Pritchard, G. A. Timco and R. E. P. Winpenny, Proton NMR study of Cr-Co heterometallic wheel complexes, Inorganic Chemistry, 2009, 48, 9811.


    I. S. Tidmarsh, T. B. Faust, H. Adams, L. P. Harding, L. Russo, W. Clegg and M. D. Ward, Octanuclear cubic coordination cages, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2008, 130, 15167.

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