Our research spans the areas of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and materials science and focuses on the development of functional inorganic materials which exhibit novel electronic, optical and magnetic phenomena. Potential applications range from the capture of greenhouse gases to sensors, optoelectronics devices and photocatalysis. The key aspect is gaining an understanding of the fundamental relationships between the structural features of the solution- and solid-state materials and their physical properties using a barrage of techniques.

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GROUP MEETINGS: Held jointly with Prof Cameron Kepert's group every Monday at 9:30 am in the Level 2 Tutorial Room, School of Chemistry (interested students are very welcome to attend and learn more about our work!)


July 2013 - Congratulations to Dr Tom Faust for winning a place in the 2013 SciFinder Future Leaders program!

February 2013 - Congratulations to PhD student Carol Hua for receiving a Postgraduate Teaching Fellowship

January 2013 - Congratulations to PhD student Marcello Solomon for winning a CSIRO Top-up Scholarship

November 2012 - Congratulations to Honours student Chanel Leong for winning a poster prize at the 2nd Annual Student Symposium in Inorganic Chemistry (ANU, Canberra)

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Please discuss potential Honours and PhD projects with me - projects include but are not limited to those listed on my Research page. See the list of potential Honours projects here. Relocation scholarships are available for students seeking to move and undertake Honours at USyd. Full details are available here.

Prospective PhD Students:

  • Australian Students: Australian Postgraduate Awards (APAs) and University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards (UPAs) are competitive grants that are awarded on the basis of merit. If you are a current Honours student at an Australian university, please keep in mind the October 31st deadline for applications for commencement in early 2012. Full details are available here. As a PhD student, you are eligible for a number of travel grants to attend national and international conferences, and to support research visits to overseas facilities and laboratories.


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