Welcome to the New Research Group!

Liz New is a senior lecturer and Westpac Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney.
Research in the group focuses on the development of molecular probes for the study of biological systems.



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Congratulations to Edward O'Neill, who won a prize for his flash presentation at AsBIC8 in Auckland.


Congratulations to Linda Mitchell, who won a prize at the RACI NSW Analytical and Environmental Honours Presentation Evening.


Our honours students, Marcus Graziotto, Kate Leslie, Linda Mitchell and Angela Torrisi all did brilliantly in their Honours year - all high first class Honours!


Congratulations to Linda Mitchell, who won the Young Scientist Award at the RACI Physical Chemistry student conference in Katoomba.


Congratulations to Zelong Lim, who won an oral presentation prize at the Sydney Cancer Conference.


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Clara, Jacek, Carmen, Mia and Amandeep's paper describing a new ratiometric mitochondrial copper sensor was published in Metallomics today.


The 3rd Annual New Group Research Retreat was held today, at Lilian Fraser Garden, in Pennant Hills. We had a great day thinking about new ideas. Check out the photo on the Group tab.


Congratulations to Clara Shen, who was awarded the Dean's Award for Citizenship and Outreach, and to Kate Leslie, who was on the Dean's List of Excellence for Academic Achievement.


Welcome to Kieran Geraghty, a 3rd year student who will work in our lab for the semester, and 1st year students Edie Griffin and Chris Skellern who will complete TSP projects with us.


We are very sad to farewell Amandeep Kaur. Amandeep will start as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UNSW in September.


Edward O'Neill was selected to give a flash poster presentation at the International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry in Melbourne.


We have enjoyed attending the Gordon Research Conference on Metals in Medicine. Jacek Kolanowski and Clara Shen were both selected for a flash poster presentation, and Jacek won a poster prize!


David, Naveed, Isaac, Simone and Ramya's paper was published today in RSC Analyst.


Welcome to Agathe Guyetand, who is joining us for 10 weeks from Polytech Nantes for an internship.


Welcome to Benjamin Chekroun, who is joining us for 3 months from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon for an internship.


Amandeep Kaur, our first PhD student to complete, submitted her thesis at the end of March, and gave her final PhD seminar today!


The Westpac Bicentennial Foundation launch was held today. Liz is a Westpac Research Fellow, and Isaac Carney, who completed Honours in the group in 2014, is a Westpac Future Leaders Scholar.


The 3rd annual New group trip today - kayaking at Narrabeen! Check out our new group photo on the Group tab.


Welcome to Tim Chisholm and Hannah Derrig, who have joined the group for the semester for TSP projects.


Liz has joined the executive of the Early-Mid Career Researcher (EMCR) Forum. Looking forward to making an impact on the training needs and career opportunities of EMCRs around the country!


We sadly bid farewell to Karolina Jankowska, who has been a much-loved postdoc. Karolina will be returning to Poland to work at Selvita.


We are very excited to welcome Angela Torrisi, Marcus Graziotto, Linda Mitchell and Kate Leslie into the group for their Honours year!


Amandeep and Karolina's paper reporting the use of a ratiometric mitochondrial redox probe was published today.


Jacek Kolanowski, Edward O'Neill and Kylie Yang all gave fantastic presentations at the Australian Society for Molecular Imaging meeting in Melbourne. Jacek and Kylie won awards for their presentations!


Congratulations to Amandeep Kaur, who won a travel grant worth $500 to present her research at the 23rd annual meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research Australasia, to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand, in December


Farewell to David Smith, who has been a postdoctoral researcher with us for 2 years. David will move upstairs to work as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Jolliffe group.


Congratulations to Edward O'Neill, who won 1st prize for his poster at the Centre for Advanced Imaging Annual Symposium, UQ


Congratulations to Dr Karolina Jankowska, whose abstract was selected for a Bioconjugate Chemistry Award for the upcoming 2015 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Karolina's trip to WMIC is supported by a Conference Voucher from the Research Portfolio's Research Development Team.


Welcome to Peiyuan Zhang, who joins us from Nanjing University for 8 weeks under the Nanjing-Sydney research exchange program.


Amandeep's paper reporting a ratiometric fluorescent redox sensor was published online today.


Amandeep and Tim's paper reporting a fluorescent mitochondrial redox sensor was published online today.


Farewell to Lucy Dawson, who has finished her Honours Exchange project with us.


Welcome to Dr Zelong Lim, a postdoctoral research associate working with us and the Hambley group.


Welcome to Laura Gauthier, who joins us from Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble in France to undertake an internship as part of her Master's degree


Welcome to Dr Mia Akerfeldt, a postdoctoral research associate working with us and the Hambley group.


Clara and Lucy's paper reporting a new fluorescent sensor for cisplatin metabolites was published online today.


Welcome to Madeleine Carr, Kylie Yang and Carmen Tran, who have joined our group for their Honours year.


Congratulations to Ed O'Neill and Isaac Carney, who were chosen to give poster slam presentations at the Asian Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference on the Gold Coast. Isaac also won a poster prize.


Congratulations to Isaac Carney for winning 3rd prize at the RACI NSW Analytical and Environmental Honours Presentation evening.


Congratulations to the Excited State football team for reaching the semi-finals of the university social sport competition! See a photo on our Group page.


Welcome to Lucy Dawson, who joins us from the University of York as an Exchange Honours student.


Isaac, Jacek, Ed and Clara gave fantastic 3-minute thesis presentations at the Australian Society for Molecular Imaging Meeting in Brisbane. Congratulations to Clara, who won a highly commended prize.


Jonathan, Matt and Amandeep's paper reporting a new fluorescent redox sensor was published online today.


A number of our past and present group members won awards at the Annual School of Chemistry prize presentation today.
Amandeep Kaur - Agnes Campbell Postgraduate Prize for excellence in organic chemistry
Eliot Salmon and Matt Anscomb - Agnes Campbell Honours Prizes
Clara Shen - Agnes Campbell Honour Prize, Jane Elspeth Crawford Prize for most proficient female Honours student (aeq) and John A. Lamberton Research Scholarship
Isaac Carney - Frank E Dixon Scholarship for proficiency in senior chemistry
See a picture of Amandeep, Clara and Isaac at the Awards lunch here.


Congratulations to Jonathan Yeow, who graduated with first class Honours today.


Welcome to Karolina Jankowska, who joins us as a postdoctoral researcher.


Ed's book chapter on luminescent lanthanoid probes was published online today.


Congratulations to Matt Anscomb, Clara Shen and Eliot Salmon, who all graduated with first class Honours today. Clara was awarded a University Medal.


Welcome to Jacek Kolanowski, who joins us with a postdoctoral fellowship from the French Cancer Research Foundation.


Welcome to Edward O'Neill and Clara Shen, who are starting their PhDs in the group.


Congratulations to Clara Shen, who won the RACI NSW Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Honours Prize.


Congratulations to Howard Chow, from Sydney Grammar School, who won the Michael Bishop Award for work he performed in our lab. See the photo here.


Welcome to David Smith, who has come to us from the UK as a Henry Bertie and Florence Mabel Gritton Postdoctoral Fellow


Farewell to Muhammad Shoaib, who was with us for 6 months from Pakistan


Welcome to Carmen Tran and Cyril Tang, who have joined the group for TSP projects


We have enjoyed having Howard Chow working with us as part of the Michael Bishop Award Programme


Congratulations to Orion Tong, from Sydney Grammar School, who won the Michael Bishop Award for work he performed in our lab.


Welcome to Amandeep Kaur, who has come from India to begin her PhD in our lab, with a World Scholars Scholarship from the University of Sydney.


Liz's review on studying metal ions in biology was published in Dalton Transactions.


Welcome to Jonathan Yeow, who is on loan to us from Engineering for his Honours project.


Welcome to Matt Anscomb and Eliot Salmon, who have joined the group for their Honours projects, and welcome back to Clara Shen, who is a joint Honours student with the Hambley group.


Welcome to Isaac Carney and Emily Jenkins, who have Summer Research Scholarships to work in our lab


Welcome to Alessio Orsino, who has come to us on exchange from EPFL


Welcome to Clara Shen, who has joined the group for her TSP project

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