The Kassiou Research Group

Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery










The Kassiou Research Group is on level 5 of the School of Chemistry and level 4 of the Brain and Mind Research Institute. Through these two facilities our group has access to state-of-the-art equipment for medicinal chemistry (including analytical techniques such as HPLC, NMR and mass spectrometry) as well as facilities for screening active molecules, and performing behavioural assays.


Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory


Our synthetic chemistry laboratory provides the facilities for the synthesis and development of novel bioactive CNS molecules. Rational design principles are used to generate ligands, allowing us to further explore structure-activity relationships.


The laboratory provides access to the latest technology available in modern organic synthetic chemistry, such as variable pressure-temperature microwave reactors and photoreactors.

In Vitro Drug Screening Laboratory


Our in vitro drug screening laboratory is equipped with cell culture facilities and a range of 96-well plate readers enabling the rapid evaluation of synthesised molecular libraries against multiple identified disease targets.

Behavioural Pharmacology Laboratory


Our behavioural pharmacology laboratory allows the phenotypic assessment of drug candidates in animal models of human CNS diseases. This work is performed with our collaborator, Professor Iain McGregor, both at the Brain and Mind Research Institute and the Psychopharmacology Laboratory within the School of Psychology.

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