University of Sydney    School of Chemistry

  CHEM3117/3917 (Spectroscopy and Quantum)


You can find a copy of the course outline here
and a lecture synopsis here .

The 3117 assignment s now on the assignments page (click the blue "Assignments:" title). Please note, however, that the NIST website is not available at the moment (due to the US government budget problems...).

The computational chemistry worksheet is available here: worksheet.docx .

The GabEdit graphical interface on the computers on level 4 can be obtained from: the GabEdit homepage.

You can obtain the Firefly program (PC version of GAMESS) from the Firefly homepage.

If you have a Mac you can download the MacMolPlt program from the MacMolPlt homepage , and the Mac version of GAMESS from the GAMESS download page . There are also PC versions of these programs...


Lecture Notes:

These are available in 2 formats:
    - PPT file (big file but pretty pictures.  Animations don't work in PPT file though.
    - 6 per page.  Least environmental footprint!

Problem Sheets:

There are a series of self-assessment problem sheets for each topic.  Full worked answers are available.


    - Past year’s exam
    - Scanned pages from textbooks
    - More detailed derivations or explanations
    - Further readings, for interested students
    - Programs to calculate spectroscopic properties


There are 2 assignments for this course.  Follow this link for information, downloads, etc