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  EDUP1004 (Science Foundations)

  Lecture Notes:

Notes for everything all together are available as a pdf (1.4 M) by clicking Notes .

Slides for the 5 topics are available below, click on the table entry. Do the questions BEFORE you look at the answers!!

There will be links to a mock exam at the bottom of the page.

The NSW K-10 Science curriculum and support documents can be found by clicking here

The National curriculum, with some really useful portfolios and worksheets can be found by clicking here

Topic #

Slides (as a pdf file)

Answers to Questions
(as a pdf)

Other Resources

1 (Matter)

1.1 M Answers to Qns 1 Periodic Table
Hot and Cold Water Experiment
ABC's Teaching Science Site
Web Site about all the elements

2 (Bonding)

2.8 M Answers to Qns 2 RACI Crystal Competition

3 (How things Break)

2.1 M Answers to Qns 3

4 (Bubbles)

1.3 M Answers to Qns 4 amazing web site about water
web site about bubbles
another good web site about bubbles
lesson plan for how many drops of water you can fit on a five cent coin worksheets I have used for surface tension and bubbles

5 (Reactions)

316 k Answers to Qns 5 Notes for some of the demonstrations with risk assessments

Click here to get to the Mock Exam. This has the same format but is a little harder than your actual exam. Please note, I need to put in a replacement for Question 20. I'll let you know when I've done it!