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I have included 2 sample paragraphs. The first one uses "bibitem" and contains the citations in the main tex document: Paragraph 1

The second one uses a "bibtex" file. with TeXStudio just build and view the xragraph2.tex file, with the .bib file in the same directory. For TeXShop, it doesn't recognise the bibtex style so comment the line out the typeset using latex the Paragraph2.tex file (latex tab at the top) and then typeset the Paragraph2 file using bibtex (ie the command under latex on the second button). Again the .bib file needs to be in the same directory (or you need to specify where it is). Paragraph2.tex file and Paragraph2.bib BibTeX file.

You can obtain a thesis template from a previous Honours student or research group. There is also a set of templates available from the IT Department for a PhD thesis that you could them slightly modify. zipped template folder 95 k , or, alternately just the latex stle file: sty 19 k .

The tutorial I went through in the lecture is at: tutorial .

You can download free version of latex if you like. The Wikepedia website has a comparison of different version, along with appropriate links: comparison

One of the better cross platform programs is TeXstudio (previously known as TeXmaker). It has versions for PC/Linux/Mac and can be downloaded from here: TeXstudio homepage .

Another version, suitable for Mac, is TeXShop. It has an "instant preview" option which can be useful. TeXShop can be downloaded from here: TeXShop homepage .

The (slightly modified) ACS book template can be downloaded here: template , or, alternately you can download the word file: document . I have attempted to tweak the formatting suitable to your Honours thesis but please double and triple check this yourselves! The various different styles are all defined (again feel free to tweak).

The marking guide for your perspectives article is here: Marking Instructions

The powerpoints for lectures 1, 2 and 3 are now on the "lectures" page

I have also posted an article on scientific writing that you may find interesting article pdf 1.7 M

Click here for the powerpoint lecture notes: Lecture Notes: