Postgraduate Coursework Programs - Current students

Below is a list of postgraduate science courses in which current students may be enrolled.
If you are a future student, view our available courses.

For information about the postgraduate course in which you are currently enrolled, please consult the relevant handbook (links available below) for your year of enrolment.

Coursework areas Courses available Handbook
Agriculture Master/GradDip/GradCert Agriculture Handbook
Bioinformatics Master/GradDip/GradCert Science Handbook
Environmental Science Master/GradDip/GradCert Science Handbook
Environmental Science & Law Master Science Handbook
History and Philosophy of Science GradCert Science Handbook
Marine Science and Management Master/GradDip/GradCert Science Handbook
Medical Physics Master/GradDip Science Handbook
Microscopy & Microanalysis Master/GradDip/GradCert Science Handbook
Molecular Biotechnology Master/GradDip/GradCert Science Handbook
Nutrition and Dietetics Master Science Handbook
Photonics & Optical Science Master/GradDip Science Handbook
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology
  • Applied Positive Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Psychology of Coaching
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology/
    Master of Science

  • GradDip
  • GradCert
  • Master/GradDip/GradCert
  • Master/GradDip/GradCert
  • Doctorate/Master double degree

Science Handbook
Spatial Information Science Master/GradDip/GradCert Science Handbook
Sustainability Master/GradDip/GradCert Science Handbook
Veterinary Sciences
  • Animal Science
  • Animal Breeding Management
  • Veterinary Public Health
  • Veterinary Public Health Management
  • Veterinary Studies

  • Master/GradDip/GradCert
  • Master/GradDip/GradCert
  • Master/GradDip/GradCert 
  • Master Honours/Master/GradDip/GradCert
  • Master/GradDip/GradCert
Veterinary Science Handbook
Wildlife Health & Population Management Master/GradDip/GradCert Veterinary Science Handbook