Pre-enrolment for postgraduate students

Pre-enrolment is compulsory for all students who are enrolled this year and who intend to continue their studies next year in the same course.

What is pre-enrolment?

It is the process of selecting your next year’s units of study. Pre-enrolling is similar to the enrolment you completed at the beginning of your first year except you do it before the end of Semester 2, instead of in January. Most students can pre-enrol online via MyUni without having to come into the Faculty Office.

Why should you pre-enrol?

A successful pre-enrolment may save you some unnecessary anxiety next year. You also can avoid waiting at a lengthy enrolment session if you have pre-enrolled successfully.

Postgraduate coursework and research students should ensure that they have pre-enrolled before the pre-enrolment deadline.

When do I need to pre-enrol?

Click here for pre-enrolment deadlines.

Pre-enrolment normally commences in early October. If you are continuing your study next year in either semester, you are required to pre-enrol in the units of study you wish to undertake no later than the pre-enrolment deadline.

NB: Students will notice that the paper pre-enrolment deadline occurs before the online pre-enrolment deadline. Students are advised not to wait until after the paper pre-enrolment deadline has passed before trying to pre-enrol - if you are able to pre-enrol via MyUni, you may do so from the beginning of October.

Paper pre-enrolment

Students enrolled in the following programs must pre-enrol on paper:

  • Applied Science (Environmental Science)
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Master of Science (DCP/MSc)

Download the paper pre-enrolment form

Research Students

  • If you are a PhD or MSc (research) student and expect to lodge your thesis by or on 31 March next year, you do not need to pre-enrol.
  • If you are a PhD or MSc (research) student and expect to lodge your thesis on or after 1 April next year, you must pre-enrol.

I've suspended my degree until next semester - what do I do?

If you've suspended your enrolment (paused your studies) in your degree, and plan to resume your studies next semester, you will not be able to pre-enrol.
Instead, you'll need to lodge a recommencement application form with the Faculty of Science Office.