Postgraduate Forms

Please note:

If you can’t find the information you need below, you will probably find it on the University’s current students website. The following forms and procedures are specific to the Faculty of Science only.

Higher Degree by Research students should refere to the HDR specific information on the student website.

Academic advice

Postgraduate research students seeking Academic advice should consult their supervisor, while postgraduate coursework students should consult their degree coordinator

Appeals against an academic decision
Download the application form

If you believe you have genuine grounds for contesting an academic decision, you may apply to have the decision reviewed.
Feedback and appea; of mark or grade
We encourage you to take the earliest opportunity to speak to the relevant staff member (usually your School, discipline or unit coordinator) for further information about the result and/or to discuss any concerns. Please read the information sheet.
Appeal to the Faculty
You can submit a written appeal to the Faculty on the grounds that due academic process has not been observed by a School/Discipline or the Faculty when making an academic decision. Academic decisions can relate to marks, grades, assessment, and coursework in Science units of study and degrees. Download the appeal form.
Appeals relating to credit should be directed to the Student Credit Team For appeals relating to Special Consideration and Special Arrangements, please see the information on the Current Students website.

Discontinued not to count as failure (DC) Download the application form

IMPORTANT: Use this DC application form only if you are requesting a DC after the advertised deadline.
Discontinued not to count as failure (DC) refers to discontinuing a unit of study without academic penalty, BUT you remain liable for the relevant HECS charge. Normally, you can request a DC by varying your enrolment (ie. dropping a unit) in MyUni before the advertised DC deadline, but if you are requesting a DC after the deadline, then you must use the DC application form above.

More information on the student website

PhD and MSc thesis forms
Thesis preparation and submission information is now available on the current students website.