Postgraduate Research Coordinator List

Current HDR Students should in the first instance the HDR Administration Centre which can provide advice on candidature matters.

Future HDR Student should contact the relevant Postgraduate Research Coordinator below, for research advice in a particular school and/or Discipline within the Faculty of Science and use Research Supervisor Connect search for a supervisor based on research interest.

For further enquiries, contact .

If the matter relates to research or academic matters you may prefer to liaise with the academic contact listed below:

School or Unit Discipline or centre Contact
School of Chemistry Chemistry Associate Professor Christopher McEarlean
School of Geosciences Geography Dr Derek Wyman
  Geology and Geophysics Dr Derek Wyman
School of History & Philosophy of Science History & Philosophy of Science Dr Daniela Helbig
School of Life and Environmental Sciences Animal Sciences Dr Joy Becker
  Biochemistry, Cellular Molecular Biology and Nutrition Professor Tony Weiss
  Biological Sciences Professor Peter Banks
  Centre for Carbon Water Food Associate Professor Feike Dijkstra
  Microbiology Professor Dee Carter
  Plant Breeding Institute Dr Helen Bramley
  Plant Sciences Associate Professor Charles Warren
School of Mathematics & Statistics Mathematics and Statistics Dr Ray Kawai
Dr Oded Yacobi
School of Physics Physics Associate Professor Rongkun Zheng
Professor Cathy Stampfl
School of Psychology Psychology Dr Ilan Dar-Nimrod
Professor Louise Sharpe
  Clinical Psychology Associate Professor Suncica Lah
Sydney School of Veterinary Science Veterinary Science Camperdown: Associate Professor Roslyn Bathgate
Camden & Narrabri: Dr Auriol Purdie