Cross-Institutional Study - Outbound

Sydney University students wishing to undertake study at another Australian institution

Cross-institutional study is available to current Sydney University students who wish to undertake a relevant unit of study at another institution because it is not offered at Sydney University. If your application to undertake cross-institutional study is approved, you will be granted credit for that unit of study towards your award course (degree) at the University of Sydney.

If you are a non-Sydney University student wishing to study at Sydney cross-institutionally, you can read about Cross Institutional Study – Inbound.

How to apply

A cross-institutional study request must be submitted to the Faculty of Science before commencement of cross-institutional studies.

Obtain and submit detailed unit of study outlines for units at your potential host institution.

Your request to undertake cross-institutional study will not be considered unless you provide unit of study outlines that include contact hours, a summary of lecture content, practical content, textbooks, and mode of assessment.

Complete a University of Sydney cross-institutional study request.

Please ensure that all sections are completed. If you are requesting to undertake units at another institution to satisfy Mathematics requirements or requirements for a major for your degree at the University of Sydney, you will need to obtain permission from School/Department advisers before lodging your request. Submit one request form for each potential host institution if you wish to apply for study at more than one.

Submission deadlines for outbound cross-institutional study applications can be found on the Faculty of Science website at the following address-

Students are advised to contact their potential host institution in advance to check closing dates for cross-institutional applications. Approval from the Faculty of Science for cross-institutional study can take up to four weeks. Students should submit their request to the Faculty of Science well in advance of the application closing date of their potential host institution. Your cross-institutional study request will be considered by an Undergraduate Associate Dean acting on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Science.

Following submission of your cross-institutional study request you may be required to arrange an appointment with an Undergraduate Associate Dean to discuss your request and how it will be used to satisfy requirements for your degree at the University of Sydney. The Faculty of Science will contact you if an interview is required. If you are applying on the grounds of exceptional circumstances then you should supply a letter outlining these circumstances with your application.”

HECS-HELP and Fees

Cross-institutional study incurs a HECS-HELP fee for Commonwealth Supported students or a fee for fee-paying students. Cross-institutional students are required to make their HECS-HELP or fees payment to the institution at which they are undertaking the course.

Overseas students may be able to undertake cross-institutional study at another Australian institution. Overseas students should clarify with the destination institution that they accept international cross-institutional students and the fees involved in doing so and that their visa can accommodate their enrolment.

After you complete cross-institutional study

Once you have completed the unit/s of study and you have received official notification of result/s, you must provide the Faculty of Science Office with the original results in order for the unit/s of study to be credited towards your Sydney University award course (degree).

Further information

Detailed information about outbound cross-institutional study should be read before completing an outbound cross-institutional study application.

Application deadlines for outbound cross-institutional study

You will need to consult the destination institution for closing dates for cross-institutional enrolment.

NB Please note that students are reminded of being mindful of the Application Deadlines for the Destination Institution as well as Sydney University and to allow ample time for processing of the applications. It can take from 3 - 4 weeks for the assessment of applications and an outcome to become available.