Applying for Honours in the Faculty of Science

All students must apply to be admitted to an Honours year.

Gaining entry into Honours is competitive - the standard you need to achieve must meet certain minimum requirements, but will also depend on the number and quality of other applicants in that year.

You will be required to lodge an application form online and in most Schools/Disciplines you will be required to lodge an expression of interest at the Discipline/School level. Please check the School Discipline website prior to lodging the application with the Faculty of Science for more information as you will be required to upload some evidence that you have undertaken this step.

If required contact the relevant School or Discipline using the School and Discipline Honours Coordinator Contact Details. Each School and Discipline will have an internal process by which they arrange and match potential supervisors and available projects with incoming students. You will need to contact the relevant School to engage in this process early. Please note that you are expected to have made contact with the relevant School/Discipline before lodging your application with the Faculty.

Not all honours courses accept mid-year entry. To check whether your honours course commences in Semester 1, Semester 2, or either, see this table.

Honours scholarships are available based on academic merit.

How do I apply?

Domestic students (internal and external)
International students (internal)
International students (external)

Domestic students - internal (currently enrolled) and external

Domestic students please note: As deferment of honours is not possible, you must apply in the semester prior to commencement.

Students applying for Honours will need to use the resources on this page to follow these steps:

  1. Fulfil any requirements of the school or department prior to lodging an application at the Faculty. This might include matching projects and available supervisors with students.
  2. If you are applying for Honours in more than one area, then list your areas in order of preference on the application form. You will need to repeat step 2 for each area you are applying to. Please list the discipline area (eg. Biology, Cell Pathology) as appears on the coordinator contact list, or your application may not be considered.
  3. Submit a completed online application form including relevant documentation by the due date (you will need to find your honours course among the list of courses, then click Apply Now).
  4. If you are intending to enrol part-time and the Discipline supports this please place some correspondence with the School supporting this request or alternatively email the Faculty of Science.

Note: Most Schools and Disciplines also have their own separate application forms which must be completed and submitted directly to that School or Discipline. This is not a substitute for the online application to the Faculty of Science and applicants to these Schools must ensure they submit an online application as described on this page. If you do not lodge an online application form, you may not be considered. If you do not lodge an expression of interest in a School or Discipline that requires this step, you may miss out on a project or supervisor.

External international students

If possible, you should contact the relevant School/Discipline Honours Coordinator. You will need to provide evidence in your application form that you have secured an academic contact/supervisor. You must complete an “International Undergraduate Student Application Form”. Part-time enrolment is not available for international students.

All applications require the following documentation to be uploaded:

  • Proof of contact with the relevant School/Discipline for each Honours preference area listed in the Honours application. If undertaking joint or double Honours, proof of contact will be required for both Honours areas. A second or third preference will not be assessed if proof of contact is not provided.

External applicants also need to upload:

  • An Official or Certified copy of a Transcript
  • Proof of Identity and Citizenship Status

NB: All documents must be certified prior to being uploaded.

Documentation examples

Proof of contact:

  • Different Schools/Disciplines have different application processes and therefore expression of interest documentation can vary depending on which School students apply to.

Documentation can include but is not limited to:

  • Email correspondence with an Honours Co-ordinator
  • A copy of a completed Expression of Interest or School/Discipline Honours application form which the student would have also lodged with the School/Discipline concerned.
  • A receipt of Honours application notice from the School/Discipline

Application deadlines

Visit the Important Dates page to view Honours application deadlines.


These are the essential resources you will need for applying for Honours in the Faculty of Science.

It will help to download and read these documents before applying.