If you have a strong interest in scientific investigation and have distinguished yourself in your studies in science at high school, you may be eligible for entry to the Faculty of Science Talented Student Program. The TSP is restricted to the very top science students and exists to meet the individual needs of these high-achievers. Everything you need to know about the TSP is available in the TSP booklet.

What can you do in the Talented Student Program?

As an individually customised program, the TSP will generally be different for each student. You may find yourself replacing your regular classes with research projects or fast-tracking your studies by skipping content you already know and proceeding directly to more advanced subjects. Whatever your interests and circumstances, you will have the opportunity to explore a range of options in the Talented Student Program.

Be inspired

Our students tell us time and time again that it was a particular mentor or teacher who inspired them to pursue studies in science. Read the stories below to find out what inspires our TSP students, and who inspired them.

Inspired TSP students: