About Enrolment, Re-Enrolment and Pre-Enrolment

Enrolment can be broken into three parts, Enrolment, Pre-Enrolment and Re-Enrolment. Which of these apply to you depends on your circumstances and the stage you are at in your studies. Read the information below carefully and click on the links for more information.


If you're starting postgraduate or undergraduate study for the first time, you need to Enrol.

Enrolment is the process by which you officially become a student at the University, by registering (choosing) your units of study (subjects) for the coming year or semester.

If you've just finished school, or a University Preparation Course, or you are transferring from another University, you will become an Undergraduate Student once you're enrolled.

Students enrolling in non-award and cross-institutional study should also attend in person to enrol.


If you're a continuing undergraduate or postgraduate student (ie. you're going into your second or third years of study), you'll be asked to pre-enrol before the end of Semester 2. Pre-enrolment takes place once a year.

You can pre-enrol online using your MyUni account (recommended) or by submitting a paper pre-enrolment form to the Faculty Office.


Internal transfers and unsuccessful pre-enrollers will need to re-enrol in person.

If you did not attempt to pre-enrol and are returning after a period of suspension, you will need to notify the Faculty of your intention to re-enrol and then attend re-enrolment in person.

If you can't be there in person ...

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend Sydney University on enrolment day, then a friend or family member can act as your proxy and enrol on your behalf. A completed proxy form needs to be submitted to the Faculty of Science on the day of enrolment. Please ensure that your proxy has all the necessary details, information and money needed to successfully complete your enrolment.

Visit the Student Centre website to download the proxy form.

Changing your Unit of Study choices

After you've enrolled, pre-enrolled or re-enrolled and picked your units of study for the year you may need to make some changes - this is referred to as varying your enrolment.

There are certain deadlines which apply to varying your enrolment, learn about these deadlines and the easiest way to vary your enrolment at the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site.