Credit for Prior Tertiary Study

Before you lodge your application

If you have completed undergraduate studies at another institution or in another degree at the University of Sydney, you will need to apply for credit from your previous studies if you wish for these studies to count towards your Faculty of Science degree.

You have one opportunity to lodge an application form – no further amendments will be processed or further offers of credit made.

Credit cannot be granted for units of study completed more than ten years prior to enrolment in the degree for which you are seeking credit, except with the permission of the Dean.

The total amount of credit granted may not be greater than 96 credit points for most degrees and may not include more than 48 credit points from a degree which has been conferred.

Download and read the Credit for Prior Tertiary Study information sheet.

Lodging an application at admission/after admission

Domestic students
If you are commencing a new degree in the coming semester, you must lodge your application for credit on your allotted enrolment day.

New international applicants
You must finalise the amount of credit granted before accepting an offer for admission. Credit granted with this offer may be specified at the time of enrolment, if necessary. More information about about advanced standing and credit for previous studies for international students.

All other applications for credit for the coming semester must be submitted by the credit application deadline.

Applications received after the due date will not be processed until the following semester.

How to apply for credit for prior tertiary study

  1. Download and read the Credit for Prior Tertiary Study information carefully before applying.
  2. Visit and read the Credit for Prior Tertiary Study FAQ page which has comprehensive information on how to fill out the application form.
  3. Download, complete and submit the Application for Credit for Prior Tertiary Study form.

Accepting offers of credit

If you are made an offer of credit you will be sent both a credit offer letter and a credit acceptance form. If you fail to return the credit acceptance form by the date listed, the offer of credit will lapse and you will NOT be permitted to lodge another application in the future.

If you wish to accept the offer, you must return the credit acceptance form in accordance with the instructions on that form. If you do not wish to accept the offer, please tick the "I do not accept" box and return the form as instructed. It is also possible to accept only part of the offered credit. Once credit has been accepted it will be added to your University of Sydney academic transcript.

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