Special Consideration

Assessments are designed to provide feedback on performance or to establish that students have achieved an adequate standard to proceed through their degree or to graduate. The University's assessment system is designed to ensure that conditions are fair to all students, are as consistent as possible and that individual students are not disadvantaged by adverse personal circumstances beyond their control or by the activities of other students.

Generally, serious illness, injury or misadventure will be taken into account when considering a student’s performance in a course or unit of study. There is, however, a clear distinction between longstanding illnesses or difficulties which prevent students from attending classes or completing required work or which seriously interfere with their capacity to study for long periods and short-term illnesses, injuries or misadventures which may prevent a student from sitting for an examination or completing a particular assessment. In general, the provisions of Special Consideration are intended to apply to the latter situations.

Special Consideration is part of the University’s Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures. Faculties contextualise this policy and these procedures within their own degree programs and units of study. The Faculty of Science’s contextualisation of the Special Consideration policy and procedures applies to all students seeking Special Consideration in units administered by the Faculty of Science.

To ensure to its practices and standards are consistent with the University policy and associated procedures, the Faculty of Science uses and advertises the University policy and procedures with its own contextualisation of these clearly indicated alongside. The Faculty also uses the University’s approved forms.

Applications must be lodged within five (5) working days of the due date of the assessment task for which Special Consideration is sought.

Applying for Special Consideration:

  1. Download a Special Consideration Application Pack (this consists of the policy, documentation guidelines, application form and statutory declaration form), or obtain these forms from the Faculty of Science Student Information Office.
  2. Complete the Special Consideration Application Form, with supporting documentation. For guidelines on documentation, see documentation guidelines.
  3. Lodge this form at the Faculty of Science Student Information Office, Level 2 Carslaw Bldg F07. The Faculty of Science Student Information Office will assign a unique application number to assessments for which Special Consideration is sought. Faxed or emailed applications will not be processed.

Applications must be lodged within five (5) working days of the assessment task for which consideration is sought.

Students will be notified of the academic judgment concerning their special consideration application by the relevant unit coordinator and the Faculty of Science Student Information Office (via your university e-mail account).

Schools and Departments are required to respond to a Special Consideration application within two weeks (ten working days) of lodgement.

Download a copy of the special consideration application form.

Read the Special Consideration Frequently Asked Questions which cover how to submit your application and what happens after that.

Further information on Special Consideration, including an outline of the Appeal Process can be downloaded here.