Special Consideration FAQs

If you wish to apply for Special Consideration, we recommend that you read the frequently asked questions below before completing your application. Click on the questions below to view the answers.

Can I fax my application in?

No. A Special Consideration application must be submitted in person. If you are unable, you may send a friend or family member to submit your form for you (but please make sure they have the right documentation).

Why not?

  • Your application may be incomplete or incorrect. If this is the case, your application will be declined and Special Consideration will not be granted for that assessment task. Submitting in person allows the Faculty to check that your application is correct and complete as well allowing us to sight original documentation.

Should I sit the exam?

Only you know whether it will be appropriate for you to sit the exam in your individual circumstances. The policy suggests that you sit the examination if you are able to do so. Please indicate on the form whether or not you have sat the exam.

What happens when I apply?

When you apply, the Faculty office checks and logs your application and scans a copy to the School or Department that administers that unit.

What happens after I apply?

The School or Department issues an Academic Judgement based on the application and supporting documentation. This usually happens within 10 working days.

The judgement is then emailed to you by the Faculty and any further questions on that judgement should be addressed to the School or Department.

What will my Academic Judgement be?

Faculty staff will not be able to tell you this. It is decided by the School and may be different for each unit of study. You will receive one of the following academic judgements from the School:

  • Application declined
  • Replacement assessment
  • Extension approved
  • Reweighting or averaging
  • No action required

When and where is my supplementary exam?

Supplementary exams are arranged by the School or Department that runs that unit of study, not the Faculty. You will need to check with the relevant School or Department.

Can I apply for Special Consideration for my supplementary exam?

You may apply to the Faculty of Science for Special Consideration for a supplementary exam if because of further illness or misadventure you are unable to attempt the replacement assessment within the specified time.

The Faculty of Science generally places a six week limit on the holding of a replacement examination. If it is not possible for you to complete the replacement assessment within this time, the Faculty may award you a DNF (Discontinue Not Fail) grade. The Faculty only offers DNFs where further illness or misadventure is clearly documented and is of a serious nature.

What does "within 5 working days of the assessment" mean?

This means that you have a period of five workings days from the date of the assessment within which to submit a complete and correct application with the Faculty of Science Office. For example, if your assessment was due on a Monday, then you have until the following Monday to submit your application. 5 working days does NOT include weekends and public holidays.

Applications may only be submitted during Faculty opening hours:

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 4pm
Friday: 10am – 1pm

I missed the deadline. What can I do?

It is your responsibility to find out directly from the Faculty of Science Office or this website what constitutes a complete, correct and timely application.

Faculty of Science staff will not be able to accept or process a late application unless you have documentation demonstrating that you were unable to submit a Special Consideration claim within the time limit. For example, proof of hospitalisation discharge, proof of release from custody will suffice.

I have a medical certificate, will you accept it?

Medical Certificates can be accepted. Please note, it is often in your best interest to provide a Professional Practitioner Certificate (PPC), as this supporting documentation indicates the period and severity of the illness/misadventure and assists with the determination of an academic judgement. (You will find the PPC within the Special Consideration Application Form). Further details regarding supporting documentation.

How many copies should I bring in?

You only need to bring in on copy of your application. This application must contain original or certified copies of documentation. If you wish to keep an original form, you must bring both the original and a photocopy so that Faculty staff can sight the original and retain the photocopy. Please note, the Faculty of Science office cannot make photocopies.

Non-allowable circumstances under the Special Consideration Policy

  • Occasional, brief or trivial illness of one or two-day's duration that occurs seven days before an assessment is due or an exam undertaken
  • Competing workloads from other studies or employment
  • Planned commitments such as elective surgery
  • Holidays or weddings
  • Jury service, military service, national sporting and religious or cultural commitments are not covered by special consideration. You should view the Special Arrangements guidelines and note that Special Arrangements must be submitted at least 5 working days before the assessment due date.
  • Long-term illness or ongoing disability is not processed through Special Consideration. In these circumstances you should register with Disability Services. If you have an illness for more than four weeks you should book an appointment with the Pro-Dean and you may want to consider suspending your studies for a semester.