Nanjing Research Exchange

Shanghai at night

The Nanjing Research Exchange offers current senior undergraduate students the opportunity to gain first–hand research experience in an international context as part of their degree program. Successful applicants will travel to Nanjing University in China for 4 weeks and work under some of China’s leading scientific researchers in the disciplines of astronomy & astrophysics or chemistry immediately following their exam period (late November).


To be eligible to apply for this program, you must:

  • be an Australian citizen and not a dual citizen/resident of China
  • be enrolled in the third year of a Faculty of Science degree program
  • have a minimum credit average (65+)
  • have or intend to major in either chemistry or physics
  • have or intend to apply for Honours in 2019
  • have not received New Colombo Funding previously.

How to apply

To apply for this exchange, you will need to complete the and application form and submit this alongside a statement of support from an academic to .

Applications are now open: Download the application form.
For further information, download the information sheet.

Important dates

Applications Open: Monday 9 April 2018
Applications Close: Friday 15 June 2018
Notification of Application Outcome: Mid-July 2018
Deadline to Accept: Sunday 29 July 2018

Program dates
Departure: Monday 26 November 2018
Return: Saturday 22 December 2018

Please direct all questions to , International Programs Officer.

Past Student Experiences

Timothy Chisolm – Chemistry Exchange 2016

"While the science itself was incredibly interesting and exposed me to a range of new techniques, that which struck me most was the remarkable hospitality and kindness of the other students and researchers who were more than willing to participate in charades with me, whilst politely trying to hide their laughter as I butchered their native language. Learning to communicate and function as a team with such a prominent barrier in place was an incredibly valuable experience to say the least."

Charlotte Ward - Astronomy & Astrophysics Exchange 2015

"When I was about to leave for this exchange, I had prepared myself for a major culture shock – cautious about being naïve that it would be an easy experience, I had expected to find everyday things more difficult, people to treat me differently, and to not really feel at home. What I’ve realised is that that was the naïve approach."

Linda Mitchell - Chemistry Exchange 2015

"The travel was exciting but the main part of the trip was about the chemistry. It was great to be able to get research experience at the same time as overseas experience… I also had the opportunity to present a literature review on a biomolecule to the whole research group"

The Nanjing exchange group 2014 with The Dean, Professor Trevor Hambley

The Nanjing exchange group 2014 with The Dean, Professor Trevor Hambley