Student profile: Angelica Lau, Bachelor of Science (Advanced)

Read about Angelica's experience studying Science at Sydney so far!

Which course are you in, and why did you choose that course?

I am currently a third year student studying a Bachelor of Science (Advanced). I chose this particular degree because it gives me the freedom to choose my science majors, as well as the flexibility to integrate subjects of different disciplines of science throughout the year in order to bring me closer to what I want to do.

What have you been studying in your degree and have there been any topics/assignments/activities that have been particularly fun/interesting/challenging?
Angelica Lau

My studies have been mainly focused on Chemistry. I really enjoy working in laboratories especially in the Chemistry labs! It is a real challenge to be accurate and efficient whilst conducting chemical experiments, but it is a great feeling to know you made something after all that hard work!

I am particularly interested in Chemistry because I have always been fascinated by how matter as tiny as atoms and molecules make up the world we live in today. For me, Chemistry is almost like the window to understanding more about the world. It teaches me new concepts about the things I see, smell and touch, the materials I use, the advances in technology in the world today and the amazing phenomena in nature!

Are you part of any clubs/societies/talented student programs and what are your experiences with them?

I am part of the Catholic Asian Student Society. I joined CASS since I started first year uni and have had the privilege to be part of the current committee as Vice President. It has been the place where I met most of my good friends at Sydney Uni and from other university CASS branches. We gather as one community to share our faith and common interests. It is also the place where I could completely commit myself in community services such as Bush Regeneration, Soup Kitchen, Nursing Home visits and music team, keeping a balanced lifestyle of study and social activities.

What do you feel are the main differences between high school and uni? Was it hard or easy to make new friends and get settled in?

The main differences are in both studies and in lifestyle. In high school it was a much more guided way of learning, but in Uni the learning style requires more independence, organization and self motivation to keep myself on track with work and lectures. Uni allows you to get to study at your own pace, at your own time, and with the new friends that you meet in lectures, tutorials, labs or even randomly on the lawns! It may appear difficult to make new friends at the beginning, but everybody is in the same boat! They all want to know more about Uni life and what it has to offer; and meeting new friends is definitely one of the top priorities in the Sydney Uni experience!

What are your top 3 highlights of the uni experience so far?
  1. One of my top 3 highlights of the uni experiences has got to be my discovery and involvement with the Catholic Asian Student Society on campus. It truly helped me develop a good sense of leadership in communities and gave me an active lifestyle in studies, meeting new friends and serving the wider community.
  2. Another uni experience highlight would be the freedom you get once you are in uni. The freedom to work at your own pace with friends at the most comfortable couch you could find in the library, or at a cafe is relaxing. It brings more fun and excitement into your studies!
  3. The experience of making new friends has got to be one of my top highlights of uni life. It is what gives university life colour and excitement! The enthusiasm, passion and outgoing attitudes of uni friends really keep my attitude on track in studies and gives the boost of fun during an ordinary day!
Is there anything else you’d like to add, to give future students an insight into the Sydney science experience or uni in general?

The move from high school to uni for me was really the opportunity see the real world. Once in uni, it is very important to give yourself the chance to be involved in the uni societies, social events, faculty events and have a balanced study, work and social life. As the year progresses uni stress may become overwhelming. However the new friendships you encounter from these extra-curricular events and societies will guarantee to give you support, and teach you to appreciate the beautiful learning environment of Sydney Uni has to offer.

Part of studying Science at Sydney uni is to explore your own options and your interest through the wide variety of science disciplines offered. Sydney Science offers many opportunities for choosing what you like to study, even if it is not science related! Sydney uni encourages comprehensive but flexible learning, which allows you to study Science at Sydney as well as to enjoy the elective subjects from other disciplines. It is great to try and learn about the other subjects which may interest you even if it is not Science!