Denison Research Scholarship

The Faculty of Science offers a variety of Denison Research Scholarship opportunities for students in the second or third year of their undergraduate degree.

Denison Research Scholarships are a great way to gain research experience and an insight into research process while working alongside our leading scientific researchers. Research projects are available in most disciplines for a duration of between 4-6 weeks over the Summer holiday period (November-February).

The program is open to both current University of Sydney students as well as students from other Australian Universities. Each scholarship is valued at $506 (in accordance with APA rate) per week for the duration of the project. Students living outside of metropolitan Sydney may also be eligible for an additional scholarship - valued at $250 per week for the duration of the Denison Research Scholarship project - to assist with travel and relocation costs.

Denison Research Scholarships are available in the following research disciplines. Follow the links below to find information about summer scholarships in each of these disciplines:

Scholarship recipient profiles

David Po-Hong Lau

David Po-Hong Lau
Summer Scholarship recipient 2015 in the School of Geosciences

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Advanced)

"The Summer Scholarship with the School of Geosciences was both a challenging and enjoyable experience, and was very rewarding in helping me pursue my career goals. The project I participated in involved the analysis of spatial data using ArcGIS to study the infrastructural water network in Angkor, Cambodia.

I was able to strengthen my ability to work in a team by collaborating with my research supervisor Dan Penny, as well as scholars from different faculties. In addition, the project allowed me to build on the skills I acquired during university and get a taste of what it's like working as a researcher.

The Summer Scholarship was a very fulfilling experience and is an excellent opportunity to apply your skills and contribute towards meaningful real-world projects."

Claire Edmunds

Claire Edmunds
Summer Scholarship recipient 2015 in the School of Physics

Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)

"During my undergraduate degree I completed a Summer Scholarship with A/Prof. Michael Biercuk in his experimental quantum laboratory. I was able to contribute to his group's work studying the behaviour of individual, trapped, charged atoms to develop control techniques that can be used to improve the performance of quantum computers. Using these trapped particles, we are actually able to observe the strangeness of quantum mechanics within our lab.

The opportunity to work in an experimental research lab helped me find my passion for experimental physics. It is a completely different experience to undergraduate labs and without this opportunity I doubt that I would have continued with experimental quantum physics during Honours or my PhD, which I am currently undertaking with Associate Professor Biercuk's group."

How to apply

  • Visit the website for the discipline/research area you are interested in and download the application form
  • Complete the application form
  • Include a personal statement no longer than one A4 page
  • Include a copy of your transcript (if not a University of Sydney student)

Important dates

Application dates will be available later in 2017.