Current student survival guide

Your most important resources as a Science student

After that there is some information about:

The Faculty of Science Website

The Faculty of Science website is this site. The address is

This is different to the main University of Sydney website:

Most of the information you will want during your studies will be found in the Current Students section.

If you're not sure where to find what you want, try Forms and Procedures or Frequently Asked Questions.

The Science Handbook

The key rules and regulations concerning your course and your enrolment are in the Science Handbook. This is a great resource to help you through your studies.

Faculty and academic staff will expect you to have already checked the Handbook before speaking to them about your course.

Science Information Office

Location of our office.

What we can help you with:

How to make the most out of your visit to the Student Information Office or your Associate Dean appointment:


  • visit the Science Website and look up what you want to do
  • refer to the Handbook and the regulations concerning your course
  • prepare a plan of what you think you might like to do in your course


  • many interactions you have with the Faculty will require you to submit some kind of form - you can download them from the website and bring them with you already completed


  • if you have specific questions or concerns write them down before you come in. This will ensure you don't forget to ask us
  • be absolutely clear about your situation, you may get the wrong advice if you miss out vital details about yourself and your course


  • smile, introduce yourself and state your situation clearly and politely - our counter staff will be happy to advise you

Schools and Disciplines

The Faculty of Science is an "umbrella" office that encompasses individual Schools and Disciplines in the Science area, each of these Schools and Disciplines has its own office and staff.

Sometimes the word "School" will be used to refer to a School or a Discipline for the purpose of simplicity.

Generally, the Faculty can help you with things that affect your whole degree or enrolment and the Schools help you with things that are specific to the units of study they offer.

What the Schools can help you with:

  • Unit of Study information and handouts
  • Unit of Study textbook information
  • Contact details of Unit Coordinators
  • Unit of Study timetable information
  • Supplementary exam information
  • Information that is specific to a unit of study

School and Discipline Index

The Student Centre

Many functions in the University are administered centrally through the Student Centre.

Visit the Student Centre website for more information on:

  • Timetables – when and where your lectures, tutorials and practicals are
  • HECS and Fees – payments and invoices
  • Admissions
  • Examinations – timetables and results
  • Graduation – schedules and information packs

Student Services

The Student Support Services website contains loads of information for students seeking support related to:

  • counselling
  • accommodation
  • careers
  • financial assistance

and loads more.

Email the Faculty of Science

If you can’t find the information you want, you can email the Faculty with your Name, SID, your degree name, your year and your specific query and we’ll answer your question or send you the links you need.

You should always use correct business English when you communicate with any part of the University of Sydney or with any professional organisation; not text message shorthand.

Email your enquiry to:

Other resources

Your University Email Account

This is the only way that we in the Faculty Office have of communicating directly with you, so it's important to check your email account regularly.

Reading and acting on information we have sent to your University email account is your responsibility.

Important emails from the Faculty Office that you must read will always be sent to you from one of the following addresses:

We’ll also send you emails about events we are running from

An individual member of the Faculty Staff may contact you in response to a query or to make you aware of something – their emails will always end in

You should also read all emails sent by your School or department or by the Student Centre.

The Faculty of Science will not email students on behalf of other organisations nor will we supply lists of student email addresses to anyone else.

Your Privacy

Faculty staff are bound by strict privacy laws and we take them very seriously.

This means that there is some information we just can’t give you over the phone or by email. It also means that often we need signed documentation to process a request from you.

We can’t and won’t release confidential details about your study or your academic record to either friends or family.

Read more about privacy regulations.

Code of Conduct

Your relationship with the University is governed in part by the policies of the University.

You should review the policies and ensure you understand their relevance to and effect on your activities and the outcomes of those activities.

Failure to follow the code of conduct in any of its aspects is taken very seriously and can result in exclusion from your studies.

Visit Policy Online for information about the code of conduct expected from all students in relation to:

  • Your University e-mail account
  • Use of University ICT resources
  • Your behaviour towards and interaction with fellow students
  • Your behaviour towards and interaction with university staff
  • Plagiarism
  • Responsible conduct and ethical behaviour
  • Adhering to safety guidelines

This list is by no means exhaustive and students should familiarise themselves with any aspects of policy which affect them.

And now...

We hope you've found this Survival Guide useful. Take the time to browse around the Faculty of Science website and familarise yourself with all these links and you'll know where to find the answer when you have a question or a problem.

If there's something you expected to see here that you can't find then please email us and let us know: