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SciWAM Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a SciWAM?

SciWAM means the weighted average mark calculated by the faculty from the results for all intermediate and senior units of study with a weighting of 2 for intermediate units and 3 for senior units.

Calculating SciWAMs
The SciWAM is calculated by summing the products of the marks achieved and the weighted credit point values of the units of study taken in the degree and then dividing by the sum of the weighted credit point values, with all attempts at units of study being included in the calculation, except where units of study are discontinued with permission; the formula used is:

SciWAM calculation

where Wc is the weighted credit point value, ie, the product of the credit point value and level of weighting of 2 for 2000-2999 units of study and 3 for 3000-3999 units of study; where Mc is the mark out of 100 for the unit of study.

In calculating the SciWAM for a student transferring from another university, units of study are assigned level weightings and credit point values consistent with their equivalent units of study at the University of Sydney.

A mark is assigned to each unit of study credited based on the results provided on a validated academic transcript from the University. Where no mark is provided by the institution an appropriate estimate is used. Students are encouraged to obtain actual marks from departments at those universities that do not issue formal marks.

2. What are WAMs and SciWAMs used for?

A WAM may be used by the Faculty for the purposes of assessing students' annual level of achievement in an Advanced degree or determining eligibility for prizes and scholarships.

A SciWAM is part of the criteria to determine eligibility for entry to Honours and it also contributes to the ranking of applications for postgraduate scholarships.

3. What is my GPA?

GPA refers to grade point average and is used by some institutions in a similar way to the way the Faculty of Science uses the WAM and the SciWAM. The Faculty of Science does not use GPA and will not be able to provide you with a GPA. If you are asked for a GPA you must contact the institution that you are applying to for more information.