Units of study

Unless otherwise stated, these Environmental Science units of study are available only to students through the articulated postgraduate Environmental Science program and are not available to the wider University community. Compulsory units are presented in italics. Note that you can take units from other programs to flesh out your chosen environmental award course as long as these units are relevant to an environmental degree and that you also complete the required core units. Please note however that we do not control the timetables of these units and therefore clashes may occur with our units.

To assist in planning, where relevant, units are identified as

  • (I) intensive (about one week)
  • (C) concentrated (about seven weeks)
  • NB: Units in italics are compulsory

Students can assume other units of study run for a full semester unless officially informed otherwise.

Units of study offered

Semester 1 (February commencement) Semester 2 (July commencement)
ENVI5501 Environmental Research Project AFNR5801 Climate Change: Processes, History, Issues
ENVI5705 Ecological Principles
CIVL5665 Advanced Water Resources Management
ENVI5708 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry ENVI5501 Environmental Research Project
ENVI5801 Social Science of Environment (C) ENVI5707 Energy - Sources, Uses and Alternatives
ENVI5809 Environmental Simulation Modelling ENVI5903 Sustainable Development (C)
GEOG5001 Geographic Information Science A (C) ENVI5904 Methods in Applied Ecology
GEOG5003 Environmental Remote Sensing (C) GEOG5001 Geographic Information Science A (C)
MARS5001 Coastal Processes and Systems GEOG5002 Geographic Information Science B (C)
MARS5004 Coastal Management Field School (I) GEOG5004 Environmental Mapping and Monitoring
MARS5005 Coastal Management Research Project GEOS5501 Human Rights and the Environment
MARS5006 Coral Reefs, Science and Management (I) MARS5004 Coastal Management Field School (I)
MARS5007 Coral Reefs and Climate Change (I) RESP5001 Integrated Environmental Practice (C)
RESP5001 Integrated Environmental Practice (C) ENVI5903 Sustainable Development Field School
RSEC5432 Environmental Economics AFNR5705 Australian Forest Systems
WILD5001 Australasian Wildlife: An Introduction (I) PHYS5032 Techniques for Sustainability Analysis 1
WILD5002 Australasian Wildlife: Field Studies (I) PHYS5033 Input-Output Analysis 1
GOVT6135 Global Environmental Politics SUST5002 Food and Water Security
PHYS5032 Techniques for Sustainability Analysis 1 SUST5005 Policy and Sustainability
PHYS5031 Ecological Econ & Sustainability Analysis  
PHYS5033 Input-Output Analysis 1