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The Master of Environmental Science and Law program allows you to undertake complementary units in the fields of environmental science and environmental law. It provides science graduates with the opportunity to extend your scientific knowledge into the area of the environment, as well as providing an introduction to the field of environmental law and policy. For law graduates, the opportunity is to extend your knowledge into environmental aspects of law, as well as to gain an understanding of some of the concepts underpinning environmental science. The program integrates disciplines which are normally considered separately and which are difficult to study concurrently outside of this program.

It also provides the opportunity for scientists to gain a qualification to complement your environmental experience and to acquire knowledge in areas of policy and management. It introduces lawyers to a more comprehensive knowledge of the laws and policies relating to the environment and a generalised understanding of the science that underpins them.

Sydney Advantage

The Master of Environmental Science and Law program at the University of Sydney is unique. While there are environmental law and environmental science programs available through other universities around Australia, only the University of Sydney offers the blend of law and environmental science that characterises this program. We have access to the outstanding resources of the Australian Centre for Environmental Law, which is well known around the world in this field, as well as to all of the scientific resources available to the environmental science program.