Postgraduate Enrolment

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If your application for a postgraduate course is successful, you will receive an offer letter online via the application portal. Once you have received your firm offer you should accept it by going into the My Applications Tab in the application portal.

Once you accept your offer, you will still need to enrol in order to secure your place. It is through enrolment that you officially secure your place in the postgraduate course that you applied for. Your offer letter will contain the details of your enrolment day.

When and where do I enrol?

Visit the Important Dates page to view postgraduate enrolment dates and the enrolment venue map.

How long will enrolment take?

Students should allow a couple of hours.

Do I have to come on these days to enrol?/I won't be available to enrol on these days.

Postgraduate students should make every effort to come on their allocated day. This is when the resources have been allocated to advise and enrol students. Read about proxy enrolment if you can't be there in person.

What should I bring to enrolment?

  • Your offer letter
  • Your Tax File Number (if you elect to take out a FEE-HELP loan)
  • A method to pay your fees (credit card or personal/bank cheque)
  • A blue or black ball-point pen

Postgraduate enrolment consists of two stages:

Consultation with Faculty and/or School or Discipline advisers re: the subjects you plan to study. Use the the enrolment guides available below and Science Handbook to find out more about your degree program and the units of study available in it. Faculty staff will then enrol you in the units of study you have chosen.

Enrolment Guides:

After you have been enrolled in your units of study by the Faculty staff they will direct you to the payment site. This is run by the Student Centre and more information about this is here: Student Centre enrolment information.

After enrolment/changing your enrolment

At enrolment you will receive a MyUni login and information about your Sydney University e-mail account.

After you have been enrolled by the Faculty staff you can use the MyUni system to change your enrolment online until the census dates.

Please check your University e-mail account regularly for updates and information.


Continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students (those going into their second or third years of study) will be asked to pre-enrol at the end of Semester 2. Pre-enrolment takes place once a year. You can pre-enrol online using your MyUni account (recommended) or by submitting a paper pre-enrolment form to the Faculty of Science Office. More information about pre-enrolment.


Unsuccessful pre-enrollers or those who missed pre-enrolment will need to re-enrol in person. Students returning after an absence will also need to re-enrol.

The University sends out re-enrolment information in late January to all students who failed pre-enrolment.

If you did not attempt to pre-enrol, you may not receive this information and should contact the Faculty of Science Office in late January for re-enrolment instructions. If you are returning after an absence, you should follow the re-enrolment instructions on your suspension/leave of absence approval letter.