Domestic student Applications

Information on this page concerns domestic students who wish to submit an application for a postgraduate degree, diploma or certificate course.

This page is divided into four sections:

Application checklist for domestic students

Download the application checklist for domestic students (pdf) and use the information below to answer any questions you may have.

Essential documentation for all applicants

1) Proof of Residency

All applicants need to provide proof of residency status. We accept:

  • passport, or
  • birth certificate, or
  • certificate of citizenship

If you are an Australian citizen you are still required to submit one of the above documents as proof of your residency status.

Students who have previously studied at the University of Sydney main campus will not need to supply proof of residency.

2) Tertiary Qualifications

All applicants will need to provide documentation about their qualifications (except those who obtained their qualifications at the University of Sydney main campus).

Please provide:

  1. A complete official academic transcript
    A transcript is a breakdown of the individual subjects that you completed in your degree and is different to a testamur/degree certificate.
  2. A grading system
    This is usually on the reverse of your transcript. If it is not then a printout from your Faculty Handbook is acceptable.
  3. A testamur (if you have already graduated)
    A testamur is the degree certificate you get at your graduation ceremony.
  4. Proof of completion (if you have not yet graduated)
    Proof of completion can be of two types:
    a) If you have one semester left to complete your current course of study, you should include transcripts up until your final semester and official documentation from your institution stating that you will finish at the end of the semester and the name of the degree you will be awarded.
    (b) If you have completed your studies but have not yet had a graduation ceremony and been awarded a testamur, you should provide official documentation from your institution stating the name of the degree you have completed and the date of completion.
  5. Language of Issue
    If the original language of issue for any of these documents is not English then the originals should be provided together with a certified translation.

3) English proficiency

If your qualifications were obtained from a university where English is not the official language, you must supply proof that you have satisfied the english language requirements. We accept either IELTS or TOEFL, plus TWE results (less than two years old). More information on English Language Requirements.


If your tertiary studies were conducted in English but not in one of the following countries: Australia, USA, England or Canada; you will need to provide official documentation that your studies were conducted in English.

4) Proof of change of name

All applicants who have changed their name will need to provide proof of that change of name. We accept:

  • Marriage certificate or
  • Other legal documentation

Additional Documents for Research Applicants

Applicants for the Graduate Diploma will need to contact a potential supervisor in the School that they plan to study in to discuss their research plan.

Applicants for the Masters by research and PhD will need to contact a potential supervisor and then supply:

1) Statement of Research Interest
A statement of research interest (2-4 pages) should be developed in conjunction with your potential supervisor and includes:

  • name of your potential supervisor
  • area of proposed research
  • prior research experience
  • key literature references
  • a possible methodology or approach to the research
  • value and potential outcomes if the research is successful

Read more about the statement of research interest in your pathway to research. The statement of research interest constitutes the "proof of contacting a supervisor" in the research application form.

2) If you are a part-time research student you will also need to supply the following:

  • Evidence of availability that shows you will have sufficient time available to complete the course within the maximum period allowed for a part-time PhD enrolment
  • Evidence of availability that shows that you will plan and carry out the intended research, and for the purposes of this research, that you will be under the supervision and control of the university
  • if you are employed you will also need to include a declaration from your employer confirming that you will be permitted the time required to effectively pursue your studies.

Other documentation to support your application

Some coursework students should be prepared to supply additional documentation to support their fullfillment of admission requirements.

For example, the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics requires the completion of at least two semesters of Biochemistry and Human Physiology, so students should be able to provide course outlines of this study if it was not undertaken at the University of Sydney.

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology requires the completion of introductory psychology, so students should be able provide course outlines if this was not undertaken at the University of Sydney.

Should I supply originals or copies of documentation?

The University of Sydney accepts scanned documents submitted online in support of applications for admission to courses of study. All supporting documents must be true and complete records. You should be prepared to provide original documents or original certified copies of supporting documents upon request at any time. Detailed checking of supporting documents is an inherent element of our admissions process and may involve contacting the original issuing authority or relevant tertiary admissions centre, or other organisation (whether education or otherwise), or individual, whether in Australia or overseas, to verify documents. A failure to provide documents on request, or the discovery of either fraudulent documents or a misrepresentation of true circumstances in association with your application, may lead to the rejection of your application for admission, the withdrawal of your offer, or the cancellation of your enrolment.

The Application Form - FAQ's

What does "record of exclusion" mean?

Exclusion or Suspension in this context refers to a non-voluntary suspension or exclusion based on unsatisfactory performance and is different to a suspension where you have paused your studies voluntarily for example to travel or for reasons of ill-health.

The following may help you to answer these questions:

A faculty may ask a student whose academic progress is considered to be unsatisfactory to 'show good cause' why the student should be allowed to pre-enrol. If the faculty deems the student's explanation unsatisfactory, or if the student does not provide an explanation, the student may be excluded from either a unit of study or from a course or Faculty.

Do I need to fill in "Other Qualifications" and "Additional Information"?

These sections are an applicant's opportunity to make assessors aware of any other factors which might strengthen their application.

Submitting your application and what happens next

Submitting your application

Applications must be complete and have all the relevant documentation listed above.

Incomplete applications are returned to the applicant.

If you are awaiting some documentation and do not expect to recieve it before the submission deadline contact the for further advice.

What happens after I submit my application?

After you have submitted a complete application to the Faculty of Science office, it is checked, logged, and sent on to the relevant School or Department.

Your application is assessed by the School or Department.

The Faculty is notified of the outcome of your application and we send you a letter to let you know the outcome. The letter is sent to the address supplied in your application.

This may be either:

  • Acceptance - this letter will contain enrolment dates when you must come in to accept this offer.
  • Conditional Offer - if you are still awaiting results your offer may be conditional upon recieving results at a certain level. You will need to bring in proof that you have fulfilled the condition when you come into enrol.
  • Alternative Offer - some applicants may be given an alternative offer in a different level of program. If students meet the requirements specified in the Handbook then they will be able to upgrade to the program they originally applied for.
  • No Offer - if an applicant has not met the entry requirements, has not provided sufficient evidence they have met the requirements or has applied for a course where quotas apply they may not be given an offer.

If you can't accept an offer

If, for any reason, you are unable to take up an offer of admission, please notify the Faculty of Science. Email

Reapplying for a postgraduate program

Unsuccessful applications and applications where an offer has been declined are not kept on record. A new application will be required if you reapply in a later semester.