How to apply for a postgraduate course (Domestic students)

Information on this page is for domestic students wishing to apply for a coursework program. Information for international students.

1) Choose a postgraduate course

Read our course information to find out about the courses offered by the Faculty of Science.

2) Apply online


  1. Search for your course of interest in our course search.
  2. Select the course you wish to apply for.
  3. Click the APPLY button to proceed with your application. Keep in mind that you may need to scan, upload and attach supporting documentation to your application by the deadline.

You may need to supply supporting documentation

Download the Application checklist for domestic students (PDF) for a comprehensive overview of the documentation that you may need to supply with your application.


View the application deadlines for postgraduate coursework programs.


  • Please note that quotas apply to most programs and some schools will accept applications after the closing dates stated. Priority is given to applications that are received on time. Contact the Faculty of Science to check whether applications are still being accepted for your chosen program.
  • Also please note that some courses have closing dates prior to those stated above and/or do not accept late applications. To avoid disappointment it is advised that you refer to the program you wish to pursue for the closing dates.
  • Some programs do not offer mid-year entry and you will need to refer to the individual program for more details.
  • If the results of your first degree will not be known by the closing date this should not stop you from submitting an application provided that you forward your results as soon as they are known.