Why study Science at Sydney?

  • You will graduate as an adaptable, well-trained, critical and creative scientist.
  • You will have degree from a University that has an outstanding reputation.
  • Your degree is of the highest quality and has produced graduates of the highest calibre.
  • You can choose from a diverse array of courses and majors.
  • You have the opportunity to pursue your interests from other faculties.
  • Top students may be invited to join the Talented Student Program. This program is tailored to meet your individual needs and gives students the opportunity to work alongside practising scientists on real scientific projects.
  • You will be taught by world class academics and professionals and have access to state of the art facilities.
  • You can become a member of one of the most active student societies on campus, SCISOC.
  • Advanced study options to cater those who crave academic challenges.
  • There are exciting research and postgraduate opportunities. Graduates of the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney are well prepared for research in national and international programs.

The Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney is considered by many people to be the leading science faculty in Australasia. Why is this so?

Is it because our students have access to cutting edge facilities?

Yes. Science undergraduates must be familiar with the latest technologies. The Faculty has a policy of continually upgrading equipment in the teaching laboratories. You will have the opportunity to use the latest instruments and facilities, often the best in the southern hemisphere.

Is it because our teaching is outstanding?

Yes. Academic staff in the Faculty of Science have been awarded many of the ‘Excellence in Teaching Awards’ awarded within the University. It has exceptionally gifted teachers in all disciplines. Faculty of Science staff have received the Quality Teaching Award, awarded by the NSW Minister for Education and Training and the Australian College of Educators, NSW Chapter. This coveted award recognises demonstrated excellence in the profession of higher education teaching.

Is it because we offer a genuine Talented Student Program?

Yes. In addition to our advanced science courses, the Faculty of Science offers a special program for our very best students. This unique scheme allows top students to undertake more challenging and stimulating courses so that their talents are fully developed and any special interests are satisfied. In many cases the courses are tailor-made for the particular student. Read more about the Talented Student Program.

Is it because our graduates obtain good jobs?

Yes. A degree does not always guarantee a job, but employers worldwide know that science graduates from Sydney have received top training and can think analytically. Sydney graduates are flexible, great team members and able to learn new techniques rapidly and independently.

Is it because graduates are readily accepted into graduate degrees?

Yes. Many Sydney graduates undertake postgraduate courses and research degrees. This is because the high quality of the graduates and the specialist training in science prepares them for research in national and international programs.

Once you have decided to study Science at Sydney

You will need to consider whether you would like to study a generalist course like the Bachelor of Science (BSc) where there is lots of flexibility and over 30 possible majors or a specialist course, like the Bachelor of Psychology, which are great for students who have focused interest in a specific area or already know what career path they want.

Will you want to combine your degree with studies from another faculty or study at the more challenging advanced level?

Have a look at our Courses and Majors to find out more.