Combined Science Degrees

A combined course gives you a program of study where you graduate with two degrees. Combined courses are usually five years in length and very popular as they allow you to combine a range of interests at university. Combined degrees are an excellent choice if you have enjoyed a range of disciplines at school, or if you would like to add another dimension to your science study. If your ATAR is sufficient you may study the Bachelor of Science (Advanced) or Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) with your combined course.

How Combined Courses work

Each combined degree offered with the Faculty of Science will have it's own individual structure and enrolment plan, however this is a general guide to how combined degrees can work:

In the first three years, we recommended that you spend most of your time studying in one degree area whilst using "elective" options in that degree to study in the second degree area.

Thus when you reach the end of three years, you may have completed the requirements for one half of your combined course and many of the junior units for the second half. You can then spend the next two years completing the second course area.

Some of our combined degrees are referred to as double degrees. Theses differ because you need to complete your first degree (B Science), before progressing to the second degree which tends to be either at Master or Doctor level.

Studying at the Advanced Level in a combined degree

In Science, many of our majors offer advanced units. If you have a particular interest and have achieved good results in high school you may be eligible to enroll in these units from your first year. From second year, entry into our advanced units is based on your results in the discipline.

The Bachelor of Science in combined courses

Each combined degree has an enrolment guide which staff will help you with when you come in to choose your subjects.

Combined Degrees and Honours in Science

In some combined courses, once you have completed the requirements for the BSc, you may elect to study honours in science for a year before continuing with the second half of your combined course.

Combined degree options

Double degree options