Cross-institutional Study - Inbound

Students from other Australian universities wishing to undertake study at the University of Sydney

Students from other Australian tertiary institutions may be permitted to undertake cross-institutional studies. Use the Faculty of Science Handbook or the Departmental/School websites to identify units of study that you would like to do at the University of Sydney. You need to be able to meet the same criteria/prerequisites as students enrolled at the University of Sydney (or have done equivalent units of study at your home institution) to be able to enrol in a particular unit of study.

Detailed information about cross-institutional study should be read before completing an inbound cross-institutional study application.

How to apply

The following items need to be attached to your online application:

  • A completed Home Institution Commonwealth Support Status Declaration showing your status as a Commonwealth-supported or fee-paying student.
  • An official academic transcript from your home institution.
  • A passport or birth certificate (or a certified copy of these documents) showing Australian citizenship/permanent residency or citizenship of New Zealand.
  • (If applicable) Evidence of pre-2005 HECS status (eg. last confirmation of enrolment).

Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

Cross-institutional students are required to make their HECS-HELP or fees payment to the University of Sydney. If you are accepted for cross-institutional study, your offer letter will contain information on HECS-HELP/fees payment as well as enrolment instructions.

Overseas students studying at Australian institutions who wish to undertake cross-institutional study need to check their visa conditions first, then contact the Faculty of Science Office for further information.