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Enrolment is the process by which you accept your offer of a place in a course. Once you've enrolled, it means that you have officially become a student of the University of Sydney. Students are required to come to uni in person to enrol. You will receive information about enrolment when you receive your offer letter from UAC.

After you receive your offer from UAC you will need to:

1. Find your enrolment session
2. Prepare to enrol
3. Go to your enrolment session

1. Find your enrolment session

You will be able to find your enrolment session using the university's START website. You can also view a list of enrolment dates on our important dates and deadlines page.

Take note of your enrolment session and remember to show up at uni on your allotted enrolment day!

2. Prepare to enrol

  • Visit the enrolment information package page and read the documents relevant to you.
  • Make sure you read the enrolment guide for your course and become familiar with the requirements for the degree and choose your units of study (subjects).
  • You can also look at units offered by other faculties by browsing the Handbooks of those faculties.
  • For more details on particular units of study, including unit descriptions and semester availability, use the online Unit of Study Handbook.
  • Write down the units of study you are thinking of enrolling in for your first year, and bring this with you on enrolment day.
  • The majority of science students must study mathematics. To decide what level of first-year maths is appropriate for you, check the School of Mathematics and Statistics First-Year Units Guide. If you are thinking about taking advanced maths, try out the School of Mathematics self-test.
  • If you are a domestic student, learn more about how to pay for your place by reading HECS-HELP.
  • Use the very helpful Enrolment FAQ which answers many of the common enrolment questions we receive from students each year!

3. Go to your enrolment session

Dates and locations: View a list of all enrolment dates.
Times: You will find out which session to attend by reading the enrolment dates table. You must attend your allotted session.

We expect you to arrive at enrolment having already researched your course using your enrolment package and the Science Handbook.

What happens at enrolment?

What happens at enrolment

STAGE 1   

Step 1: Information desk
Collect your enrolment form. Make sure you have your enrolment package with you.

Step 2: Unit of study choice and advice from departments
> Many students will arrive with a clear idea of their choices
> You may wish to consult departmental advisors about your choices
> Obtain permission from departmental advisors for any special permission required
> Complete your enrolment form
> Check that the information printed on your enrolment form is correct

Step 3: Check Desk
Proceed to the Check Desk with your completed enrolment form and HECS form (domestic students). Here, an enrolment officer will check to see if your enrolment forms are correct.

Step 4: Faculty enrolment
Proceed to the data entry room where your details and unit of study choices will be officially recorded on the University's record system

STAGE 2 Finalise enrolment at the UNIVERSITY enrolment site.

What you should bring with you on enrolment day

  • Acceptable photo identification - driver's licence, passport or proof of age card
  • Your UAC offer letter
  • Your enrolment package
  • Your exam results for individual high school subjects if you intend to enrol in advanced Units of Study
  • A list of your Unit of Study (subject) choices for first year
  • Tax File Number (TFN) if you intend to defer your HECS-HELP payments
  • A blue or black pen

If you can't be there in person ...

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend the University of Sydney on enrolment day, then a friend or family member can act as your proxy and enrol on your behalf.

Please ensure that your proxy has all the necessary details, information and money needed to successfully complete your enrolment as well as a completed proxy form. You can download the proxy form and proxy enrolment check list here. Alternatively, a signed, clearly stated letter giving authority to your proxy to enrol on your behalf will also be accepted.

Checklist - what to give your proxy:

  • the name of the specific course (degree) you wish to study and its corresponding UAC course code
  • a list of your unit of study choices (subjects) for a full year of study. To help you pick your units of study, check out the Science Handbook. (In case you want to alter your choice of subjects, you can do so via the process called Enrolment Variation which happens in February.)
  • your current postal address details (the University will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment within one week of enrolment)
  • if you are a permanent resident, you will need to provide the date permanent residency was granted
  • the time, date and location of enrolment
  • the completed proxy form (pdf)
  • any other information or documentation specific to the faculty's enrolment requirements
  • a blue or black pen

Your proxy will return from the enrolment day with some enrolment paperwork that only you can do. Come visit the Student Centre, in the Jane Foss Russell Building, as soon as possible to finalise these issues.

Outstanding requirements may include:

  • completing and signing your Commonwealth Assistance form (if applicable)
  • collecting your student card
  • presenting any original documentary evidence as required by the University

Information for mobility-impaired students or students with prams

Mobility-impaired students, or students requiring pram access at enrolment, should contact the Student Services Manager prior to their allotted enrolment day, on (02) 9351 5388.