BSc can get you there!

If you are interested in a specialist degree which has an ATAR above the generalist Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, you might consider selecting the BSc as an alternative study pathway.

What is the BSc?

The BSc degree offers you over 30 specialist options in the one degree, and it is also our most flexible degree, giving you the freedom to nominate your specialisation now or later, and have that specialisation printed on your testamur.

BSc graduates are recognised nationally and internationally as high calibre scientists with superior communication and leadership skills. BSc students graduate with skills which can be transferred and applied to a plethora of other disciplines and activities or to a diverse range of postgraduate research areas.

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How can the BSc help me?

Students who don't get the ATAR for the stream or specialist degree that was their first choice but who have selected the BSc as an alternative preference and do meet the ATAR for the BSc may be able to do one of the following:

  • Enrol in the BSc and complete the first year by mirroring as much as possible the study pattern of the stream degree you would like to be in. Then apply to transfer into that stream degree at the end of the first year. (Entry will be competitive and based on a combination of ATAR and tertiary results).
  • Study the same or similar subjects as part of the BSc. Eg. Students who don't get into the Bachelor of Psychology may major in Psychology in the BSc and then go on to do Honours in Psychology if they meet the requirements.
  • Students who don't get into the BSc (Advanced) may be able to study advanced units as a part of the BSc. Students who complete the requirements for the BSc (Advanced) in the BSc would normally be awarded the BSc (Advanced) when they graduate.
  • .... or many students find that once they start studying the BSc the choice and flexibility suits them and they stay in it, choosing to specialise in one or two of the 29 majors on offer!