A message from the Dean of Science

Welcome to Science at Sydney

Trevor Hambley

Are you going to be a scientist or science-based professional in the 21st century? Or are you looking to undertake a course in the sciences as a highly valuable foundation for a vast array of other careers? The Sciences play a key role in the sustainable development of our planet and our society. As our energy sources change we must tackle the problems of conservation and development of new and existing sources. The Sciences seek to prevent and cure diseases, and are critical for understanding human behaviour, natural resources, and ecosystems.

Who could have foreseen the advances in these areas that occurred during the last hundred years? There have been revolutions in technologies such as nanoscience and optics and our understanding of genes and molecular biology. These have followed ongoing advances in atomic physics, chemistry, mathematics, and the geosciences. In the coming decades we will continue to see (as yet unimaginable) developments in these areas and new fields will come to light. A training in the sciences involves you, not only in the acquisition of this new knowledge, but also in applying findings to improve our world, and in the critical reasoning and problem-solving required to use knowledge wisely.

Well-trained, critical and creative scientists will be increasingly valued in our society. The University of Sydney is a world leader in scientific research and our research-led teaching programs are of the highest standard. We offer courses that cover a range of specialist options as well as broad science programs with in-built flexibility to suit you if you have not yet settled on your preferred area of interest. In either case, your first year will involve a broad-based introduction in which you will be encouraged to develop your own interests. This approach of combining a knowledge of fundamentals with later specialist training is recognised widely as the best available.

We also offer courses at a variety of levels to suit your needs - whether you wish to develop a basic foundation in the sciences or are seeking a challenge in our Advanced and Talented Student Programs (TSP). I hope you will choose to study in the sciences with us at the University of Sydney, in an institution that has wonderful staff, an outstanding teaching and research base, and many of the best courses available in Australia.

Professor Trevor Hambley
Dean of Science

Science at Sydney: a video message from the Dean of Science

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