Undergraduate scholarships for School Leavers

The information on this page is for domestic students.
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Scholarships available to school leavers entering the Faculty of Science at Sydney University fall into two categories:

Scholarships you must apply for

For the majority of the scholarships that must be applied for, a single application for a University of Sydney Undergraduate Scholarship is sufficient. These include the Dean's Entry Scholarships and Olympiad Scholarships. Information about all the different types of scholarships offered to future undergraduate students is available here.

These scholarships include:

Applications for these scholarships are usually due in September.

Applications are submitted online from the Sydney Scholars Program page. Queries regarding the process should be directed to the University’s Scholarships and Financial Support Service on (02) 8627 8112 or to .

Summer Scholarships

The Division of Natural Sciences at the University of Sydney offers a variety of Summer Scholarship opportunities for students in the 2nd or 3rd year of their undergraduate degree.

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Dean's Entry Scholarships

These scholarships are for academic merit and other achievements, are valued at $6000 (in the first year only) and are awarded on the basis of an application for the Sydney Scholars Program.

Olympiad Scholarships

These scholarships are valued at $3000 in the first year of the course and $1000 per year (for up to three additional years). Eligibility is restricted to medal winners in International Olympiads in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics. They are awarded on the basis of academic merit. These scholarships cannot be held concurrently with an Outstanding Achievement Scholarship (see below).

Scholarships you can be awarded automatically

The following scholarships are offered automatically on the basis of academic merit without application. They are awarded in April following enrolment of first year students.


University of Sydney Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students with an ATAR of 99.95 and are valued at $10,000 p.a. for the duration of your course. You must have a preference for the University of Sydney on your UAC application to be eligible. You will be contacted when the ATARs are released if you meet the eligibility criteria. This scholarship is only available for local students applying through UAC.

Farrand and Science Scholarships

These entry scholarships are awarded to Bachelor of Science students on the basis of academic achievement and are valued at $2500 and $500 respectively.

Plumian Scholarship

Awarded for general proficiency at the Higher School Certificate examination to a candidate entering the Faculty of Science and taking at least one of the subjects biology, geology or geography in the candidate’s first year, provided the candidate is of sufficient merit. Valued at $400 p.a. for 2 years.

Liversidge scholarship

Awarded annually to the two candidates enrolled in either Chemistry 1A (SSP) and Chemistry 1B (SSP); or Chemistry 1A (Advanced) and Chemistry 1B (Advanced); or Chemistry 1A and Chemistry 1B who, in the immediately preceding year, achieved the highest number of marks in Chemistry at the NSW Higher School Certificate examination. Valued at $1000 p.a. for 3 years.

Subject Entry Scholarships

These scholarships, valued at $2000, are awarded on the basis of academic achievement in biology, chemistry, geography or mathematics if you are enrolled in the BSc and have studied the appropriate NSW HSC subjects. You must be intending to major in biology, chemistry, geography or mathematics, and not already in receipt of a scholarship of equal or greater value.

Specialist course or stream scholarships

These entry scholarships, valued at $2000, are offered to the top students entering the following courses who are not already in receipt of a scholarship of equal or greater value: Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science.

Other Scholarships & Prizes awarded during your degree

There are many other prizes and scholarships available to you as you progress through your course. These awards are usually made on your overall level of performance in a particular unit, or your performance in a particular aspect of a unit (such as laboratory work). Many of these are awarded by the Schools of the Faculty:

Further scholarships information

Contact the Scholarships and Financial Support Service

Scholarships and Financial Support Service Website

Tel: +61 2 8627 8450

You may also wish to investigate the Equity Scholarships on the UAC website.