There is more to university than just studying! At the Faculty of Science we encourage students to get involved in the fabric of university life and offer a range of programs and support services to help you get the most out of your time with us. Striking the right balance between the academic and social aspects of uni is the key to success, and below you will find some opportunities and support services to assist you with making a smooth transition from school to uni, to life after uni.

Transition Program

The First Year Transition Program is the best way to feel a part of things before
you begin.

SLAM Lunches

SLAM stands for ‘Science Link-up And Mentoring’ and these lunches are a fun
way to learn the ropes when you arrive.

Student Exchange

Broaden your horizons by taking part in
our Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs.

Science Society (SciSoc)

Find out what activities the University of Sydney Science Society (SciSoc) has planned for the year.

Science Awards

View the award categories, recipients, and photo galleries for the Faculty of Science's annual Awards Evening.

Summer Scholarships

Find out about the range of Summer Scholarship opportunities for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students.

Your Career in Science

Join us at our JumpStart careers events,
contact our specialist careers service, and find out how to prepare a standout CV.

Science Revue

The University of Sydney Science Revue runs annually, showcasing the theatrical skills of our students.

Student Profiles

Our talented graduates discuss what it's like to study Science at Sydney.