What's it like doing Science at Sydney?

"I enjoy working in laboratories! It's a real challenge to be accurate and efficient whilst conducting experiments, but it's a great feeling to know you made something after all that hard work!"
Angelica Lau,
Bachelor of Science (Advanced)
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"I have always been interested in coordination complexes. They have a real potential in medicinal chemistry to help in the fight against diseases."
Marcello Solomon,
Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)
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"I had the opportunity to work for the Infrared Spatial Interferometer group, headed by Nobel Laureate Charles H Townes: it was a rare privilege to gain laboratory experience in laser applications under the technology's inventor."
Ben Pope, BSc (Advanced)/BArts
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"Studying Science at Sydney has been a rewarding challenge from the outset. I have been exposed to and fascinated by the process of discovery by completing my own TSP projects. "
Monique Atkinson,
BSc (Advanced) graduate


 "Studying a Bachelor of Science was a fantastic experience. Its flexibility allowed me to choose subjects as I discovered where my interests lay, as well as explore what a career in research may look like. The variety of subject areas also meant I got to mix with people who were passionate about anything from astronomy to the biology of an insect!"
Rhiannon Trethowan, BSc (Advanced) graduate

"Working in a lab environment is fantastic. Each student is an expert in their own field of research, so we're constantly learning new things from one another which is great for expanding our general scientific knowledge."
Tsz Wai Yau,
PhD student in molecular bioscience

"As part of the science Talented Student Program, I'm working on a computer simulation to model sleep in the brain, to try and understand why some animals such as dolphins can sleep with only half their brain."
Romesh Abeysuriya,
Bachelor of Science, physics major

"The hands-on experience in science subjects makes the learning experience a lot of fun. Applying theory in the practical sessions is the best way to learn whilst also having fun."
Natalie Wee,
Bachelor of Medical Science
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"I've found the lab work to be very practical and relevant and very well managed. I feel it's really setting me up well for future research work in honours and my PhD."
Ed Brackenreg,
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Engineering
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