SLAM lunches

What is it?

SLAM stands for ‘Science Link-up And Mentoring’ and these lunches are a fun way to learn the ropes when you arrive on campus. In your first weeks at uni, you will want answers to all kinds of questions and these casual lunchtime meetings are a great place where you can talk to senior students about all things student-related, get good, reliable information and meet other first years outside of class.

Whether you’re interested in finding out about clubs and societies, photocopy cards, accessing online course material, or research and scholarship opportunities, you’re guaranteed to discover much more about life in the Faculty of Science and where you could be heading over the next three years (and beyond!).

By coming to the SLAM lunches you will meet the people you see in the hallways and know more about how science happens and who is responsible. There are two lunches in semester one and one in semester two and you will be amazed at how much information you can find out in just a couple of meetings. You may even decide to catch up with your SLAM lunch buddies more regularly!

Who is it for?

SLAM lunches are for first year undergraduate students enrolled in a Science degree, or a double degree involving one major from the Sciences.

These lunches provide an opportunity for you to meet other first years with similar interests, as well as senior students and academic researchers. You can also use the lunches to ask questions and chat about the possibilities for your future.

Who will be at my SLAM lunch?

When you register for SLAM lunches, you can choose a group that suits your interests and a time that suits your timetable. At your lunch, you will meet other first year students registering for this group and two or three senior students who can field your questions and share their insights.

The seniors you meet at your SLAM lunches are students who want to help you settle in (and avoid some of the mistakes they made!). These students are in 2nd year, 3rd year, honours and sometimes even PhD level, across a wide range of degrees and disciplines. They are often involved in social societies, including SciSoc, TSP and Science Revue, and will keep you in the loop with updates on what’s happening around campus.

Tutors and demonstrators as well as academics and researchers in the Faculty of Science are also happy to chat to you and can offer some wonderful insights on opportunities available to you (as well as tips on preparing for assessments and exams!).

When will it be held?

Two SLAM lunches are held during Semester 1 (week 2 and week 4), in the Science Outreach Centre, Level 1, Carslaw Building.

One SLAM lunch is held in Semester 2 (week 2), also held in the Science Outreach Centre, Level 1, Carslaw Building.

Following the lunches, senior students will keep in touch with you and let you know about barbeques and events happening around campus.

Where will it be held?

SLAM Lunch will be held by the Outreach Centre, Carslaw Building (F07).
Go down the stairs in front of Carslaw Kitchen cafe and you will see us there.
Please note this is a registered event.

Examples of groups

  • Chemistry
  • Geosciences (Geology, Geography and Geophysics)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS)
  • Life Sciences (inc. Agriculture and Environment, and Animal and Veterinary Bioscience)
  • Medical Sciences
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Science (Meet people from different disciplines)

NB: The first years and senior students you meet at these lunches will have varied interests. If you have timetable conflicts for your preferred group, of if your preferred group is full, please register for another group that interests you. You will still be meeting seniors who have taken many of the classes you are doing now, meet some great people and find out lots of useful info.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you would like answered by a senior student at your lunch. Your identity will remain confidential so don’t be shy to ask the silly questions here – you will probably find that other students want the same answers!

Before your first meeting, you will receive a reminder and the senior students attending your SLAM lunch will contact you to introduce themselves.

Register for SLAM Lunches

Registration for Semester 1, 2018 has closed.

Contact us

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