Who's part of the Talented Student Program?

Remika Mito
International TSP student

“I took part in the TSP showcase in first year, undertaking a Chemistry project. I think it was a fabulous program, and a great way to start off university. It really allowed for an opportunity to gain a taste of scientific research and exposed me to some major contemporary research questions, whilst also allowing me to meet like-minded students and interact with academics.”

“For undergraduates who are interested in research, it really is an unmatched opportunity, and in my understanding, very few overseas institutions offer similar programs. I unreservedly recommend the TSP program to future students and urge them to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.”

Associate Professor Daniel Daners
TSP Academic Supervisor, School of Mathematics and Statistics

“My role is that of a coordinator and mentor for the TSP students in Mathematics and Statistics. In that capacity I have advised many students and sought out many projects within the School to cater for their interests. Participating in the TSP gives students a lot of flexibility to design their degree by doing projects, or by doing units ahead of time. The students also get to work and to socialise with like-minded students, which creates an environment that fosters creativity.”

“The TSP projects I have supervised myself have been very enjoyable and successful. I have supervised projects that aim to show connections between different areas of mathematics that are usually treated separately in undergraduate mathematics. I recently supervised a project using complex analysis to derive the main classification of matrices – the results will be published in a major expository journal.”

“The best part of the TSP is the early contact our best students get to make with researchers and with each other. The TSP provides an opportunity for students and researchers to be creative and do things that are not possible within the rigid coursework program.”

Isaac Freelander
Third Year TSP student and mentor

“The best part of the Talented Student Program has been the opportunity to participate in real scientific research from the start of my degree. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting a taste of the research process before Honours. I have learnt a lot, but it has also been fun. It is extremely rewarding to work on a TSP research project over the course of a semester because it allows you to engage with the project area and gain a deeper understanding of the material.”

“I highly recommend the TSP because it allows you to develop a variety of skills and techniques you may not otherwise learn in your undergraduate degree. The program is very flexible, allowing students to seek out a project which satisfies their intellectual curiosity in an area which interests them. It also provides a real hands-on experience in the lab, and offers an insight into what a career in research entails.”