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Geosciences Accounts enquiries

Geosciences Accounts payable (ie. money to be paid out)

This information relates only to the School of Geosciences.

To check on the status of an invoice/request for cheque, please see Bronwyn Ferguson in room 341.

Accounts receivable (ie. money to be received)

Please see Bronwyn Ferguson in room 341 for all accounts receivable enquiries.

Other enquiries

For questions about the Chart of Accounts/account codes, journal transfers, budgeting and financial reporting, please contact the School Finance Manager, Richard Guerreiro( phone number 9351 4727).

GST Information

As long as a proper receipt/tax invoice is provided (one which states that it is a tax invoice/receipt, that GST is included and lists the ABN and name of the company supplying the goods/service, as well as the date of issue), the School does not pay GST on expenditure.

If income is received which contains GST, the School does not retain the GST portion of the income. GST is 10% of the GST exclusive cost of taxable items (or 1/11 of the total price.)

GST does not apply to the following items:

  • Some food items
  • Some postage items
  • Overseas travel
  • Items in foreign currency
  • Items in Australian currency where the money is spent overseas
  • Per diems
  • Expense Advances

When completing requests for reimbursement, GST inclusive and exclusive items should be kept separate.

Further information about the GST is provided in the GST Guide: Tax document (PDF).

Petty Cash Claims

Petty Cash up to $25 can be claimed by staff.
Petty cash up to $150 can be claimed by students/non-staff.

To claim petty cash you must:

  • Complete a Petty Cash Claim form.
  • Attach your receipt(s).
  • Present the claim form to Bronwyn Ferguson in the Madsen Building, Room 341.


Please read the University purchasing policy.

Corporate Cards should be used whenever possible for the purchase of goods up to $5000. Complete a credit card purchase order form (PDF) only if an order form is essential.

If goods are purchased with personal money, provided these are authorised business expenses, they can be reimbursed with Cash Claim through Spendvision.
For travel related expenses please refer to our travel information page.

If a company will not accept credit card payments, or for goods over $5000, a purchase requisition form should be completed (see Ramana if required.) Once completed, the form is sent to Central Purchasing where a purchase order is raised and sent to the company. When an invoice is received it will be sent to Accounts Payable for processing.

University Preferred Suppliers are currently under review. Further policy information is provided in the University Purchasing Policy document (PDF).

Corporate Cards

To apply for a University Corporate Card fill in the Corporate Card Application and Agreement form and return to Richard Guerreiro for approval.

You will be required to attend a short training course and/or have a quick lesson/ follow-up with Bronwyn Ferguson in order to understand procedures. Once completed, further assistance can be found in the Spendvision User Guide. (pdf file).

All transactions need to be coded on a monthly basis in Spendvision. This is usually around the 25th of the month but an email will be sent to notify you. Once coded, a signed statement with corresponding receipts should be submitted to Bronwyn Ferguson.

If you have lost, did not receive, or otherwise do not have receipts for any purchases you must complete a lost or unobtainable receipts form.


Any Assets over $1000 should be recorded on the Archibus database.

If an asset is purchased using a University Corporate Card, please enter the asset details into Spendvision (providing you have used the correct class code, you will not be able to save your Spendvision entry without this information.) This information will then be transferred into the Archibus database.

For Assets purchased without a corporate card please supply Ramana with the following information:

  • Serial Number
  • Purchase Price
  • Where Asset will be kept
  • Exactly what kind of asset it is
  • Manufacturer

Once the above information is given to Ramana he will generate an asset tag which will need to be attached to the asset in an inconspicuous place.

To dispose of an asset please complete an asset disposal form and return to Nelly. Disposal of assets require the Head of School's approval. Items may be sold via the Sale of University equipment webpage.

Raising Invoices

Complete an invoice request form.

If the Customer is new, please complete a Customer Create form and provide appropriate documentation to support the address details.

If the Customer’s details have changed, please complete the Customer Amend form and provide appropriate documentation.

If the invoice is to be paid in a foreign currency, the 'buyers' exchange rate must be used and is obtained from NAB (phone 132265).

Request for Cheque (Payment Request) / Substantiation of Advance

These should only be used for Non-travel related claims. Please see our travel page for information about travel related expense claims.

Fill out the Request for Cheque (Payment Request) form. Please note that if you use the Excel version and complete the form on the screen, it will calculate the GST and do all of your additions for you.

Request for Cheque (Payment Request) forms will be processed once per week.

Tips for completing the form

When completing your form, items containing GST need to be kept separate from items without GST (refer to the GST Information section for further information about GST).

An EFTPOS print-out is not a GST tax invoice/receipt, unless the GST and ABN of the company are listed on the print-out. If the EFTPOS print-out is your only receipt, you will still be reimbursed, but will not be able to claim back the GST. This means that your account or the School account will be charged the GST inclusive rate. If a proper invoice/receipt is provided, the GST exclusive rate is charged.

Please include your staff/student number on the form.

If the person to be reimbursed is not a staff member or student of the University, they will need to complete a Statement by Supplier form for taxation purposes. The reimbursement request will not be processed without this form.

For claim forms with more than four separate receipts

Try to organise your receipts into categories according to class code, so that all your expenditure can fit onto one form. Examples of categories are accommodation domestic, office stationery, overseas travel expenses and so on. If you have more than four categories of receipts, you should prepare a spreadsheet detailing your expenditure.

Don't forget to number your receipts to match the spreadsheet. When completing the form do not try to list all of your categories. Simply write something like “Expenses as per attached spreadsheet” and fill in the amounts.

Never spread a claim over more than one form.

Substantiation of Advances

Advances should be substantiated as soon as you have returned from the field trip or completed the activity that the advance was required for. Travel related advances are processed through Spendvision. Our Travel page has more details.

If you did not spend the entire advance, you will need to re-pay the excess amount. Please make out a cheque to the University of Sydney and submit it with your advance substantiation. If you wish to re-pay the advance using another payment method, please contact Ramana.

Financial Reporting

Financial reports are generated through the reporting system Hyperion. Staff can access detailed information about their accounts through Hyperion Intelligence, or a summary of accounts through Hyperion Reports. Please fill in a Hyperion Access Form and return to Nelly for approval if you would like access to Hyperion.

Alternatively, please contact Ramana with any finanial report requests.

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