The School uses TNT for most courier services. All paperwork to be completed is held in the School offices (Madsen room 348). If you wish to use a courier, please provide the following information:

  • Full address of recipient, including contact name and phone number.
  • How urgently the item needs to be delivered-there are several options and cost varies accordingly.
  • Description of item/s including weight (there are scales in Admin office to assist) and approximate size.
  • Are your goods dangerous? You need to complete a separate form entitled 'the sender’s declaration for dangerous goods'.

Please complete the Pick-Up Log (found in the admin office) and note down the RC and Project code that the delivery should be charged to.

Reverse Charges

The recipient of the item can only be charged if they have an account with the courier company. You will need to provide their account number or we will be charged. If you require the recipient to pay for the charges and do not know their TNT account number, they will need to order their own courier to pick up the item.