Fieldwork & Excursions

Authorisation for Fieldwork and Excursions

All School Excursions, Fieldwork and Travel must have the signed approval from the Head of School or approved delegate.

Anyone travelling MUST complete the appropriate travel forms here.

Administration Procedures for Fieldwork and Excursions

For comprehensive information regarding Fieldwork WHS requirements consult the School of Geosciences WHS resource and the University WHS website.

Prior to the excursion:

  • The coordinator of the excursion should submit a budget in the academic year preceding the planned trip by submitting a Teaching Assistance Request detailing all expected costs. For further information regarding staffing and budgets see below.
  • At least 6 weeks before the excursion detailed budget costs should be submitted along with the authorization signed by the Head of School.
  • Information should be made available to all participants regarding costs, itineraries, accommodation and eating arrangements. This information must also be provided to the School Administrative Assistant to enable students with special inquiries.
  • For excursions involving an overnight stay students are required to read and submit a School Field Excursion Policy. Leave these with a pre-arranged contact in the School.
  • The School expects there to be at least one First Aid trained staff member present on every excursion. See WHS page for further information.
  • Arrange transport including hire vehicles, buses and School Vehicles. For further information on School Vehicles see the WHS page.

Fieldwork & Excursions List

Please note: All details below are correct at the time of publishing - this will get updated as changes take place. Please contact your coordinator to confirm exact dates, locations and costs.

Fieldwork & Excursions List - Semester 1 and Semester 1 intensive

UoS Code Unit Name Coordinator Staff Involved When Location Cost Preparatory Meeting
GEOS2114 Volcanoes, Hot Rocks and Minerals Derek Wyman Derek Wyman April 22 - 23 Mt Canabolas, NSW $125 During class time
GEOS2123 The Geography of Cities and Regions Bill Pritchard Kurt Iveson Week 7 Sydney City Cost of train ticket During class time
GEOS3009 Coastal Environments and Processes TBA TBA

April 7 - 13

Heron Island Approx $1000 During class time
GEOS3009   TBA TBA April 23 Sydney Beach None During class time

Earth's Structure and Evolution

Patrice Rey Patrice Rey April 8 - 11 South Coast, NSW $245 During class time
GEOS3055 Field Studies in Geography Jeff Neilson Jeff Neilson in partnership with The University of Indonesia April 20 - 27 Indonesia Costs covered by New Colombo Plan Scholarship During class time
MARS 5007 Coral Reefs and Climate Change Jody Webster Kelsey Sanborn April 7 - 13 Heron Island Approx $800 During class time

Fieldwork & Excursions List - Semester 2 and Semester 2 intensive

UoS Unit Name Coordinator Staff Involved When Location Cost Preparatory Meeting
GEOS1003 Introduction to Geology Tom Hubble Tom Hubble, Geoff Clarke, Sam Clarke + tutors September 16 and 23 Blue Mountains $50 during class time
GEOS2124 Fossils and Tectonics Patrice Rey Patrice Rey, Dietmar Muller, Luke Mondy, Sabin Zahirovic, Nico Flament, Kayla Maloney, Gemma Roberts

September 26 - October 2

9am departure

Good Hope Resort, near Yass $400 pp for travel and accommodation only during class time
GEOS3008 Field Geology and Geophysics Geoff Clarke Geoff Clarke + postgrads July 12 - 23 Central Australia $1,480 during class time
GEOS3101 Earth's Structure and Evolution Geoff Clarke Geoff Clarke, Sabin Zahirovic + postgrads March 13 - 16 South Coast NSW


during class time
GEOS3104 Geophysical Methods Patrice Rey Dietmar Muller, Simon Williams October 23 - 25 Geophysics Arthursleigh Farm Field Trip $2,500 for Geophysics gear rental October 9
GEOS3053 Southeast Asia Field School Jeff Neilson Jeff Neilson July 10 - 24 Indonesia $1000 + student airfares during class time
GEOS3055 Field Studies in Geography Jeff Neilson Jeff Neilson in partnership with The University of Indonesia August 1 - October 31 Indonesia No cost, covered by NCP during class time
ENVI5903 Sustainable Development Yayoi Lagerqvist Yayoi Lagerqvist July 4 - 15 Lao People's Democratic Republic

$1,200 AUD to cover local costs incl. accommodation, transport, admin support of local counterpart, 80% of meals.

Students need to pay for their own airfare and visa.

Safety, Health and Cultural Induction:

May 20


Introduction to key concepts of the unit:

June 10

MARS5004 Coastal Management Field School Eleanor Bruce Eleanor Bruce September 29 - October 1 Gerroa NSW TBA during class time
GEOG5004 Environmental Mapping and Monitoring Eleanor Bruce Eleanor Bruce August 17 and August 31 Chowder Bay NSW $0 during class time