IT in Geosciences

The School has an agreement with ICT for the provision of IT support. Most, but not all, of the IT-based activities conducted by the School are covered by this agreement.

Direct Teaching Storage Guide

ICT has created teaching storage space to replace the t: drive on the Geosciences server. If you use the t: drive, or need to store files for students to access you will now need to use this new storage space.

Direct Teaching Data Storage is a network drive provided to Faculty/Disciplines who require:

1) Storage to distribute large files teaching materials to students within the disciplines or Unit of Study.
2) A solution to allow for large file assignment submission.
3) Student personal local storage to store the files that require access by the specified software as part of their curriculum.

Each Geosciences UoS has been allocated a folder on this sever. Teaching staff associated with the UoS will have read/write access to the folder, and students enrolled in the unit will have read access.
Students also have a Personal Workspace (with a minimum of 2GB).

If you intend to use this storage space, please refer to the Geosciences PC Lab Instructions which provides instructions on accessing the Direct Teaching Data Storage (u: drive) via GRASP. If you are using ArcGIS it is useful to make this document available to your students. The Direct Teaching Storage Guide originally prepared by ICT also includes instructions on how to manually map this drive.

It is also important for unit coordinators to contact ICT and request that all teaching staff involved in the unit of study have access to the unit folder on the Direct Teaching Data Storage server.

What are the IP addresses for the new printers?

Level 4

Level 3

How do I get IT support?

All IT support requests should be directed to the ICT Helpdesk.

Phone (immediate response): x16000
Email (non-urgent requests):

All requests are recorded and managed through to resolution via the Service Desk (ITSM) system. You will be provided with an ITSM reference number.

To ensure a timely resolution, ICT's preferred approach for initial support is via the telephone.

What are the hours of support provided by ICT?

Contact hours for the Helpdesk are Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 9:00pm.

Who will support my desktop, laptop or printer?

If your call relates to a desktop, laptop or printer and it cannot be resolved over the telephone, an appointment will be made for an onsite visit. In most cases the Desktop Support team will contact you within an hour.

A small team of Desktop Support staff have familiarised themselves with the desktop environment in the School and will hare the desktop support activities.

When logging a request relating to desktop support please quote the IT asset number (found on the ICT asset sticker) as this will assist ICT to expedite your call.

How do I order a new computer or printer?

Requests for new IT equipment will need to be approved by Nelly Liew to allow ICT to order on behalf of the School.

Requests should be sent to Nelly for approval. If approved Nelly will forward to Helpdesk and ICT will then process the order.

If you require advice or consultation regarding what IT equipment to order, contact the Helpdesk and they will arrange for a procurement specialist to contact you.

How do I purchase software?

To purchase computer software, please contact the Helpdesk.

Many software packages are centrally funded however ICT will contact Nelly Liew for approval of large orders or if School funding is required.

Who will support the PC labs?

The School has requested that two of the PC labs in the Madsen Building (300 and 302) be converted to ICT Access Labs. These two labs will be open to all University students and will be installed with the standard ICT Access Lab image. Limited teaching bookings will be available for these two labs to ensure they are available for students.

The lab in room 301 will remain as a teaching lab. ICT will work with the School to ensure required software is installed on the PC’s well before the start of each semester.

All calls for support should be directed to the ICT helpdesk.

Why can't I log in on the Geosciences PC Lab computers?

If you ever have difficulties logging into the Geosciences PC lab it may be because you need to synchronise your password. This can be done here.

Who will provide functional support for scientific applications such as ArcGIS?

ICT have a Learning, Teaching and Research support team that will assist both academics and Post Graduate students with their learning, teaching and research requirements.

  • Includes support for the Geosciences Teaching lab (Room 301)
  • Includes software installation, configuration and consultancy
  • Includes support for visiting scholars
  • Includes support for ArcGIS, SPSS, Matlab, NVivo, etc.

What other support will ICT provide?

Requests for other types of IT support will be assigned to the relevant specialist team. These teams include:

  • Audio Visual support team
  • Server support teams
  • Network support teams
  • Solutions/Application teams

Who do I contact if I am not happy with the way that a request is handled?

In the first instance you should contact the Helpdesk, explain your concerns and ask for the issue to be escalated. If you are still not happy with the answer please contact the Helpdesk Services Manager, available on x15598.

Issues that are not resolved may be escalated to your Relationship Manager (Christo Willemse).

Where can I get more information about ICT services or online guides?

ICT has an extensive range of documentation available online at the University's IT Assist website.

Virtual Desktop Interface

The applications that are available in the student computing spaces through the VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) can be reviewed here.

You can request installation of additional applications on the VDI by contacting ICT .

If new software or a new version of a particular application is required for teaching it is recommended that the request is made as early as possible before the start of the semester.