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University Travel Policy

The travel policy was updated on 1st June 2005. For further information refer to the University Travel Page (Unikey login required).

The main changes to policy are:

All travel requests, approvals, cash advance or per diem payments (pre trip) and any acquittals or reimbursement of out of pocket expenses for travel claims submitted from 1 August 2005 must be completed within the Spendvision Expense Management Solution.

Travel must be booked through one of the three contracted University Preferred Suppliers, as per University Purchasing Policy. The three companies are (Unikey login is required):

Please note: If traveling more than twice a year, it is a good idea to complete and submit a traveler profile form (Unikey login required) in order to speed up travel bookings and to ensure all personal details and preferences are adhered to in the booking process.

Please see the University Travel Page for more detailed information about travel policy. Alternatively, if you have a question or suggestion about University Travel please email

Per Diem Calculator

New per diem rates became effective on 1st July 2005. Please use the Per Diem Calculator (Unikey login required) to work out claimable per diem amounts based on destination and days away.

Please note: Per Diem rates no longer include accommodation expenses. These must be budgeted and claimed for separately. Per diem rates include all meals and incidentals.

A guide to estimated expenses city by city is also available from the travel web page (Unikey login required.)

Travel Insurance

Information on travel insurance, Staff, Postgraduate and Volunteer cover can be accessed through the audit and risk management web page.

Business travel must be approved prior to travel by the Head of School. Once approved, you will automatically be covered by the University Insurance Policy for all legitimate business travel.

Personal Travel is not covered by University Insurance - you must take out your own insurance for this time. The University contracted travel suppliers are able to advise on insurance companies that will cover you for just part of your trip.

If you would like confirmation of coverage, please complete a Travel Insurance Confirmation Request (Word doc)at least 5 days prior to travel. You should receive an email back to confirm details.

Travel Requisition (formally SDO/As)

Travel requisitions are completed in Spendvision and take the place of SDO/As. These are used to provide information about any official university business travel conducted by staff, and should be completed and approved prior to travel. Please see 'creating a new travel requisition' in the Spendvision user guides (Unikey login required) for further details.

Please note: Please email a copy of your travel requisition to for leave approval, and a hard copy in the internal mail to Nelly for budget approval.

Card transactions can be linked to a approved travel requisition in order to acquit the approved budget. Please see the Spendvision user guides for more information (Unikey login required).

Payment of travel related expenses

The primary payment method for business travel expenses should be the University Corporate Card.

Alternatively, if a corporate card cannot be used, a cash advance can be obtained prior to travel and should be applied for when completing the online travel requisition form. Once approved, payment is provided via the payroll.
On returning from business travel, the cash advance will need to be acquitted in Spendvision through the cash management system. The details screen should be printed out and corresponding receipts attached then returned to Ramana. If any funds remain unspent, the remaining money should be deposited into the correct account at the cashiers office (K07).

Any out of pocket travel expenses should also be claimed through the cash management module in Spendvision. A copy of the details page with corresponding receipts should then be forwarded to Ramana. Once approved, the payment is processed via the payroll.

For further information please see Nelly in the School office or read the Spendvision user guides or refer to the University Travel Policy and Procedures page.

Currency Converter

If the exchange rate is unknown, travelers may refer to the currency exchange website OANDA FX Conversion for both past and current currency conversions.