ENVI3111/3911 Environmental Law and Ethics

Credit points: 6
Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Jo Gillespie
Session: Semester 1
Classes: Two 2 hour lectures and one 1 hour practical per week.
Prerequisites: 12 credit points of Intermediate Science or Agriculture units.
Prohibitions: ENVI3001, ENVI3003
Assumed knowledge: Intermediate Environmental Science.
Assessment: Essays, tutorial papers (100%)
Campus: Camperdown/Darlington
Delivery Mode: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) Day

This unit of study covers topics in environmental law and ethics. The environmental law component provides an overview of laws in Australia pertaining to environmental matters and looks at a number of environmental issues at the various levels of analysis, policy making, implementation of policy, enforcement, and dispute resolution. It also provides a broad background to the political and economical issues as they relate to the legal issues involved. It also examines international environmental law, particularly examining how these influence and affect our local policies. The ethics component helps students develop thoughtful and informed positions on issues in environmental ethics using arguments derived from traditional ethics as well as environmentally specific theories. Ethical conflicts are often inevitable and difficult to resolve but using the resources of philosophical ethics and regular reference to case studies, students can learn to recognize the values and considerations at stake in such conflicts, acknowledge differing viewpoints and defend their own well considered positions.